Monday, June 11, 2012

my favourite things/ our kids home again

they all left
like baby robins
finally taking the leap
flight feathers not all quite there
but spring in the legs
and a youthful bounceback
to the bumps and falls of life

they survived
and with their first true flights
they spread those wings
and delighted
in life out of the nest
blue skies
hard work
new insights
faith tested

it God's grace
prove strong
and life giving
and the only response
in a world
by wolves

we keep the home fires burning

love held

prayers lifted
for years invested
to see our fledglings
choose a walk
with the King of kings

for grace
to wait for the tapestries
to be complete
offering through the working
threads of love and God's Word
hope with faith
believing the One who only does good
believing in the One who calls
believing in the One who guides the heart of a King
how much more the heart of a beloved child

O how I love
when these kids come home

they are grown now
all three
all following their hearts
one a mama to orphans
one a mama in the growing
one a young man delighting in the strength of his youth
all  seeing the workings of God's marvelous world
and what life has taught them
all three different
yet the same
with their yearnings
their desirings
their hopes

us waiting to see how God will unfold their days
encourage them through the difficult
strengthen them through the storms
delight them through His beautiful gifts
teach them through His life
poured out
His Word given
His Spirit given

us waiting to see
what these kids take up
to help and guide them on their way

remembering our hope in our youth
our dreams in the beginning
our swaying with the storms of our doing
our falling on our knees
before the One
because there was no other
to give joy
or be our help

Our kids come home
and we delight to see their joy
we pray through their struggles
we know that there is a Father
a beloved Abba Father
that also watches over them with joy
who delights in His children
and guides them
on their way

I am blessed to be on the sidelines
praying and watching

we keep the home fires burning

love held
our kids home again

my favourite things


  1. "prayers lifted
    for years invested
    to see our fledglings
    chose a walk
    with the King of kings" . . . when I read this my memory draws a picture of your girlies in my Sunday School class at about 2-4 yrs of age, drinking in the stories and the love. I have a sweet picture that someone took of me and the littles that were in my class.
    Honoured to have invested into your fledglings for a while.

    1. remembering it always with smiles and joy!

    2. What a gift: for all of you. I marvel at this!

  2. Ah, this brings a tear - a happy tear - to my eyes and a lump to my throat . . . because it's so true . . . and you say it so beautifully! I'm so glad you included the line about our Abba Father watching over them! And I'm so glad they never outgrow his watchful eye - and our homefire prayers!

    1. worry is such a crazy thing because there is nothing worry can do... I have to entrust them to our Abba Father who will never leave nor forsake them. Makes for a happy heart!

  3. How blessed to see them walk with the king of kings :)

    1. may our children always find their strength in Him...

  4. Ah, this is such a precious post. I started this post at about 9:10 pm and then the phone rang. It was Abby. It is now 11:50 pm. She and I talked till about 11:00. I guess I can say with you "we keep the home fires burning, love held" It is an interesting place to be "on the sidelines", cheering, supporting, praying, watching. Abby was 27 years old today. She is our youngest. My, how mature our baby has become. Thanks for praying for her. I love following your three and whisper prayers for their needs when I learn of them. They are taking the baton and will continue the race. Could there be any better legacy?

    Much love,

    1. Abby is close in age to Shoshanna who is 28 and our oldest!
      A very blessed Birthday to your special girl. Here is a big Canadian hug for her...........God's blessing to her and your family
      with love

  5. This is simply beautiful :-)

    Children returning home could quite easily become one of my favourite things.

    Praying favour and peace over your family as you gather and make beautiful memories.


  6. You say things in the most beautiful way, dear faith filled fisher lady! I'm crying too! My oldest is not walking with Him, but yet so much of this still holds true, and makes it all the sweeter. She is not out of His sight and love. Thank you for posting about your favorite things that are our favorite things too! love and prayers! deb

    1. Deb, we can not see the workings in the heart as God can, and what we see as "not walking" with Him is just a stage in the glorious tapestry that he is weaving in these precious ones lives. His will is to bring us all to repentance, and the angels are waiting for this event in all our lives... it seems they love heaven's celebrations too! I watch my kids run and sometimes stumble but I have entrusted them into His keeping and even when things look doubtful, I know He knows and He is in the process of causing them both to 'will' and 'to do' of His good pleasure.
      Take courage... love you friend