Thursday, August 23, 2012

my favourite things / my little girl

she used to slide in beside me
hold my arm
her love wrapped in mine
her joy dancing along
free and flowing to all we would meet

my little girl
grew up

she slides her arm
into that of her prince now
the beauty of their love
the joy that now dances
through all their days

my little girl
grew up

took wing
and flew

her prince is all her world now
and the seed that grows within her
being knitted and fashioned
by God's loving hand
and heart
will set both their hearts to dancing
through all their days
to see this little miracle
take wing and fly

and always
be their
little girl

or perhaps...
little boy ! little girl
my favourite things

(photo by Kate Hetherington)


  1. Beautiful. Your heart so full of joy and love and loss of your little girl to her prince. The joys and tears and joys of motherhood.
    I know they will be blessed beyond measure with you as Mom.
    In His Love,

  2. Blessings to your beautiful Bethany Rose and her handsome prince and the wee one coming.

  3. Oh I'm so happy for you-and for them too!
    God bless you all!

  4. This is so very much the heart of a mother and a grandmother. Did we ever imagine how long our arms would be reaching when we wrapped them around our babies? I didn't. As I age, the idea of family morphs into an ever-engulfing amoeba, touching everything of importance in my life.

    Thanks for putting this into words,

  5. I love the beauty . . . and progression . . . and life . . . in these lines! Congrats to all of you!

  6. Awesome poem... LOVE it... Made me teary --since all of my sons (3 of them) have all grown up and don't live nearby. I miss those times when they were little and holding my hand....

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS....

  7. This makes my momma heart cry, but also rejoice. What a beautiful girl and prince and little one being knit as we type! Our God is a God of wonderous things! God bless you and your growing family!

  8. Simply, beautiful :-)

    Thanks for allowing us to share your joy.

    Praying tons of blessings for your princess and her prince ;-)

    Happy for you,

  9. How wonderful!!! A time full of hope and promise, love and anticipation.
    Wonderfully written.

  10. and she'll always be your little girl – even when she has four of her own. No matter whether she's a princess or a queen – she'll always be your little girl. God bless and keep you, and thank you for coming by as I've been going through the most challenging time of my adult life – fighting shadows is so much harder then fighting actual – real thins. Thank you for being there Susan.