Monday, October 1, 2012

my favourite things/ in the waiting

it is good
all this dreaming
and wondering
and hoping
and praying

I could not see the wind tonight
but it let itself be heard
as it rushed Autumny
through the forest
the hush of the day gone
instead my head spinning for the gustings
a warmth caught up in the coming cold
spinning together in a calypso dance
caught up in the excitement
of cherished Autumns past
remembering the waltz of the leaves
as they swoop and fall and swoop again

Sam was curled in a tight ball at the back door
I knew Blue dog would be looking for a sheltered corner near the chickens and goats
Saphira was already counting sheep in her sleep
and Canoe on the leash beside me swaying from side to side as he covered for my aged steps
his youthful gait caught up in the dance of the night

I could not see the Lord tonight
but He let Himself be heard
a still small voice in the storm
caught above the rushing of the leaves
against the night
a still sure voice
reminiscent of other nights
beneath the stars

My dear child
it is all in My hands
completely as it unfolds
it is in My hands
trust Me
all will be well

you cannot see the wind
but It is here

you may not see Me
but I Am here

trust Me

it is good
all this dreaming
and hoping
and praying

and to believe that
God is here
unfolding a prize tapestry
of all life

it is in the waiting

this comfort
this peace

in the waiting

my favourite things


(photo) iron hot shoes made by my Beloved Bethany
.............when we have been tried, we shall come forth as gold


  1. just beautiful...I love...”God is here unfolding a prize tapestry of all life. and is in the waiting...blessings to you~

  2. Yes, it is all in His strong, gentle, faithful, everlasting, caring, sheltering hands. . .trust. . .that's the key

  3. Oh I love when we go on walks together!
    We hear but do not see ~ and still we are sure, certain they exist.
    Unsinkable faith.
    Everlasting trust.
    Life abundant in grace.
    Thank you.

  4. This pulls on my heart, the way you write and commune with Him, and share with us, all at the same time. Thank you for blessing us as we wait and trust Him. God bless you! deb

  5. I commented here a few days ago but it has disappeared . . . love this piece Susan. So amazing that He lets Himself be heard, gives us ears to hear and gives us His peace.

  6. Lovely piece - indeed we walk by faith, not by sight. But sometimes a little evidence of things hoped is all we need.

  7. Comfort and peace, hoping and waiting - lovely words and an eye-catcing photo.