Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my favourite things/ happy celebrations

a birthday
61 years
I have shared almost 40 of them

think of all those cakes
all those friends
all those smiling faces
foods of the Birthday Boy's choosing
phone calls
and all those loves

no matter that the school day was hard
that a cold rattles slightly in the throat
that the age clock clicks forward on

we had all things ready
the choices for "your" day all prepared

your smile grew with each phone call
all that love

your sighs lengthened with each mouthful
of your favourite foods
you had waited all day for this

your heart warmed with each gift you opened
knowing the love

your laughter grew as you scored almost double
in our games

The Lord picked your cards
He knew the cherry on top of a great day
must be placed by Him
how could anyone get all the wild cards and all the Aces
like you

God walks with us
and soon we will celebrate His Birthday

God with us

I have been singing Christmas carols
I have been enjoying every thought
that holds Him captive in my heart
I want to hold on to all He is
God with us
always surprising us
with His goodness

May we be present Him with full and happy hearts
when His day comes

Happy Celebrations
my favourite things


  1. Beautiful :-) What a lovely celebration of your love and your life together. :-)

    1. I am glad you have found a real home of celebrating in Australia :) God is good and has plans to bless and not harm. I love Him so!

  2. This is such a great picture of the man with all the wild cards and the aces. Just look at all the icing on that cake! Ah, I would be salivating all day! I love how you plan everything around the person on their special day. How simply marvelous!

    My heart was warmed to read of Emmanuel in your post. This next yeacr will be the year of Emmanuel for me. God is with us no matter what. I declare with Habbakuk, "I will praise Him, no matter what."


    1. I am always ready for a year of Emmanuel, Dawn... I join you with a grateful heart for our 'Emmanuel', our always, God with us...

  3. I love to celebrate birthdays of loved ones too! Your dear one's day sounded so blessed, and you too, so blessed and rejoicing always, in your Jesus! love you and God bless you! - deb