Monday, February 20, 2012

my favourite things/ I'll walk with Him

seven days
have our weeks
and we could keep going endlessly
but the Maker knew better
and designed a refueling day
a refresher day
a joy day
a worship day
a restive day
a festive day
a celebrating day
a family day
a Holyday
a holiday
a Sabbath day

I believe His hopes were
that we would desire Him on this day

I am not sure
but I think that most would agree
that friendship
real friendship goes deep both ways
or we would walk away

I wonder how God can just keep on giving
the sunsets
the sunrises
the raindrops glistening 
in the early morning sun
the light and fall of shadows
moon rays
across a snowy field
through a forest glade
stars cast across the heavens
Northern Lights stretched out
dancing through the night
a new born babe
cradled in the arms
or a lover
to hold
birds in flight
all too marvelous to behold
a song in our heart
a healing from hurt
a thought of creativity
a walk or a run
to be able to do either
to see or hear
or even just touch
to taste a miriad of wondrous food
to gain health
and strength
to find healing
wrapped in prayer
peace through our infirmities
joy in a smile
truth in a hug
faith and hope
in His Word

He doesn't ever just walk away
and on this Holyday
I pray I would
not either

I want to see His face
when He finds
I notice His Love Gifts
I want to see His face
when He finds me
in the garden

I come
to walk

I want to see His face
when He knows
I desire Him
above all

His rest day
a gift for me
I will
be refreshed
in Him

I'll walk
with Him

my favourite things


  1. Breath-taking . . . simply breath-taking photos . . . worth a thousand words! And your words so beautifully portray your close relationship - your walk with - Him!

    1. fun having you come by Glenda... would love to take a walk here with you some day!

  2. Lovely, Susan . . . reminds me a song that was my little brother's favourite. "In shady green pastures, I'll walk with Him always, beside the still waters, I'll walk with Him always". Might have to add a verse . . . through snow drifts and forests, I'll walk with Him always.

    1. I can hear him singing it Andrea! That is too funny! And precious! I love your added verse!

  3. Susan,

    Some of those pictures are crying out for a verse to be written in the white snow at the bottom of the pics. I loved the one of the dogs romping and my favorite was the last one.

    I had lunch with an old Christian friend today and she was telling how her daughter had some blood problem and would not be able to have another child. She was so sad. I sent her to the TLC site so she could show her daughter there were children that needed a mother if she were so inclined.

    Hugging you and yours from afar,

    1. Dawn, you are welcome to use any photos you want to bless others and choose your verses... a good idea, I will play with it too!
      Thank you for sharing about TLC... so many babies, even through Reeces Rainbow, that need a home...
      I will pray for your friend as I am praying for little Malcolm, the wee boy my girl's heart is aching for right now.
      blessings dear friend.
      I feel your hugs

  4. Oh, I love the Sabbath. We've decided it actually needs to be a day of rest, and so we do just that - we REST on Sundays. After church, we collapse in our jammies and rest for the day.

    What a wise Father we have, don't we?

    1. a rest in jammies would suit our family just fine... smiling with you