Sunday, January 27, 2013

my favourite things/ chasing the moon

a long day done
riding home up the old Airport Hill

and there
rising above the Fraser
and Nechako
was this Mr Moon
my Old Friend

funny I could still see the same face there
I had always seen
the serene one
always calm
half smiling

pleased that I had dared look up

we smiled at each other

all the way home I stopped
jumped out of my car
and snapped

my camera was happy
the light was fading
but the brightness matched
the shine of my countenance
as we traveled together
my 32 kms

it was peek a boo
and catch me if you can
a stop in the misty fields at Marsha's
click again
her cows away in a different field for the night
the old cabins held in the mist like a dream
angel webs swaying through the trees
the night singing a lullaby
with the night hawk
and fox in the field
mice gathered
for the young

past my driveway
a stop at our neighbours
Mr Moon playing leapfrog
with their big rounds of hay
coyote paths wound round and round
in games of tag
me balancing
to catch his fullness sitting in the trees
Mr Moon
round and soft
in the haze of the
fleeing afternoon

old fences
barb wire stretching far
the mist settling deep
humming a 'go to sleep' song
'a day is done' song
my camera clicking
almost too dark

Past another dear neighbour
cows stretched across the horizon
fronts seats to the rising Mr Moon
their low mooing
sweetness in the
closing of the 
day sunk wearily into night

at the Willow now
beavers in lodges silent
the water's flow mostly beneath snow
Mr Moon
fuzzy in the fog
soft above the trees
stopped for the night
as I look over the bridge
all around
I breath deep
to fill my being with more
of this vigor
this laughter
of our game
of chase and find
and the rest

Home now
He slowly follows me
up our driveway
and I leave him
sitting above the poplars
company through the night
for our horses
and goats
Blue dog and Sam
all the wild ones of the
night will howl
front seats
with Mr Moon
and the night

a God gift
chasing the moon

my favourite things


  1. This moon "thing" has been quite a treat, hasn't it? Such a spectacular presentation all over the world. Yet, in all his travels, he never tires, he is, as you say, 'always calm
    half smiling.' It made me think of the verse

    Genesis 8:22
    “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

    Night will always be with us...until the Son becomes our light when we enter our eternal home.

    Love you!

  2. What a treat to read this, Susan! Knowing the Old Airport Hill, the Fraser, Nechako and Willow rivers of which you speak. Having driven the same highway, made the same turns, passed the same fields . . . a sweet flood of memories rushes in and sparks a time of delightful reminiscence. The photos are just stunning!

  3. Love this now I will look at the moon differently. Thanks for Posting.

  4. great shots of the misty winter day.

  5. Thank you for letting us be with you, in this, one of your favorite things. :) God bless you!

  6. Wonderful captures as you chase the moon.