Friday, January 18, 2013

my favourite things / the first week

how do you describe the feeling

this new life come to join ours

It has been a week since we welcomed little Wyatt Robert
into our family
Love made

A new life sits nestled in our arms
we all take turns
and I can't help remembering
holding his mother Bethany
twenty six years ago
this same marvelous feeling

This little boy is pure sweetness
He is strong
He can hold his head high
and already he has learned so many things
He knows who feeds him warm nourishing milk
Which arms though strong hold him safe in their fold
He knows all their voices
and the comfort of their presence
He knows us old ones
and our forever love
He sees his world firsthand
He hears music and song
and all the busyiness of this world
we have welcomed him into

he has learned how to smile

he has had his first emergency call
his little eye swollen with a plugged tearduct
perhaps what a warm facecloth could cure
yet all the parent concern precious

and all the care from his parents' hearts so needed
to help this little one grow strong
in the family
Love builds...

two more days to gather
the softness of his cheeks
the silkiness of his hair
the gurgle of his first sounds
the laughter
and joy
of all the people
in his little world
who will bless him
and love him
and be life to him

they will show him the Father's Love
because this being 'formed in His image'
means we will see our children
like He sees us
and they will be so loved

all this I will carry back with me
over the Rockies
to our little homestead
where this first week
will lay pressed joyous
against my heart
all his every breath
recorded in God's book of Life
will rest warm
and ever remembered
in this


the first week
my favourite things


  1. How precious those first meetings are with our grandchildren . . . really nothing quite compares to that feeling in all the world. Such a rush of love sweeps in creates a bond so strong that time and distance can never erode. Sharing your joy today and trusting you will have many other weeks to write new memories on your heart.

  2. Oh how lovely and sweet-I'm all weepy over it....

  3. So, so beautiful, and how I love that picture, the intimacy and warmth and LOVE of it. XOXO So happy for you. :-)

  4. This made me cry! How precious. I'm so thankful you are there for him, for his mom and dad . .that Jesus is there for you all! Some moments are so much bigger than we can hold. love and prayers! - deb