Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my favourite things/ today


I would not change a single thing
it is exactly as should be
and with a sigh and great relief
face all my God would have for me

it's knowing God goes with me
that this day holds His design
it may be filled with laughter
or tears may be entwined

our days here may be shortened
on earth our temperal home
or days may see us old and grey
as on this earth we roam

the secret lies in trusting
He knows what's best for me
that He will lead and guide me on
to all He's dreamed I'd ever be

with one hand in the Master's
my gaze set fast on Him
His joy abounding endless
His peace that rests within

I face this gift we call today
with all its unknown possibilites
and like a child on Christmas morn
consider love's great probabilities

He has my very best in mind
sweet fellowship will be His plan
together we will catch a star
or do anything I think I can

I 'm not sure I'll move a mountain
or swim the deepest sea
but I know how good this day will be
because my Jesus walks with me


my favourite things


  1. Oh, my, yes, He does walk with us. Wherever, whenever, however. He is there. It is fun to see how He works things out. Ah the perspective many years of walking with Him have given. He is ever-faithful and always good. It makes you want to sing, doesn't it? I must go tune that old guitar that has laid too long under my bed. You are an inspiration, Susan!

  2. Your poem has me all teared up-I can't see to type! So beautiful, and just exactly what I needed to read today. Bless you. Love, Debra

    1. Have a very blessed 2013 Debra! HE has good plans for you <3

  3. That is one of my favorite pictures, Susan. :-) It gives me such a lovely feeling of acceptance and peace, and always makes me smile. :-) Thank you. xo

    1. It blessed me also to see my grandkiddies feel such feelings as you express here with their love of Pooh & friends. A blessed new year to you my dear Rambling Tart.

  4. This is beautiful, Susan

    "the secret lies in trusting
    He knows what's best for me
    that He will lead and guide me on
    to all He's dreamed I'd ever be"

    I think this is something I need to live on for a while.... I need to confess this over and over again. Over my own life, and over the lives of my family members. I find I hit a brick wall when I try to do things on my own... How much easier will it be if I just learn to trust Him. Fully. Always.


    (I am not too old to admit that I have a Pooh blanket, a Pooh throw, a whole Pooh bedding set, Pooh stuffed toys, Pooh wall decorations, Pooh shower curtain hooks, Pooh stickers .... lol)

    1. Ann, I have been collecting Pooh things for the grandkiddies... my heart is young with you and them :)
      Blessings dear friend !

  5. I loved all of this .. .and that last stanza really brought it home to me. Lord, may today be my favorite thing too. Love you and thank you for blessing us in that special way He gifts you with. - deb

  6. I love Pooh, too., and this poem is so calming. Thank you so much for sharing it.


  7. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it!