Saturday, February 9, 2013

my favourite things/ back door skiing

out our backdoor we go
we call the dogs
get on our skis
and hit the trails

Eduardo is the adventurer
he likes to break new ground

I am the skier
I like it groomed and straight
fast and sleek

so we did the packed trails first
then headed into virgin snow
two hours of beauty
and laughter
exclamations and praise

passing rabbit paths
and moose
and fox
and a mouse dragging its tail
grouse and raven

two people
two dogs
and the Maker of all this glory

a warm day
warm hearts
trees casting shadows
the Son casting sun rays
colour returning into the winter lands
rich blue sky
yellow in the willows
red thoughout the brush
green lichens and old man beard

birch and alder seeds
scattered for the birds

underground tunnels
for all the little animal folk
them nibbling bentover trees
caught in the deep snow
frozen chantarelles
leftover cranberries

All of us feasting in some way
on all of this glory

up hill
down hill
gliding and
home again

skis off
up against the garage
a walk up the hill to the house
goats calling in the distance
spring birds singing from the tall trees
a warm fire waiting
a family weekend
a new holiday
for British Columbians

a fit just perfect
for us

back door skiing
my favourite things


  1. A glorious feast indeed! Happy Family Day, Susan and Eduardo and all your critter kids.

    1. Aww, thanks Andrea... Are you doing something special on the Monday holiday?

  2. Oh how wonderfully you capture it all and give it to Him! Thank you for sharing such sweet things with us! God bless you! - deb

  3. I can't imagine moose tracks! Wow! And that lichen-we sure don't have that here-it's amazing-so big!
    What a fun day you all had. Love the photos.

  4. Good to thankfully enjoy what the Creator gives us.

  5. I would love this. I am so happy for you.