Monday, April 1, 2013

my favourite things/ Thy 'tender' mercies/ Thy 'loving' kindness

the morning was fresh
the air cool
the alarm not quite off
I had slid quietly
out of bed
to do my goat baby check
and the graciousness of my Lord
met me as usual
as I walked
the early

It is always
as I 'lift' my countenance
that I 'feel' Him
or maybe it is because I feel His countenace
that I lift mine
And it came to pass
in the fortieth year
in the eleventh month
on the first day of the month
that Moses spake unto the children of Israel
according  unto all that the Lord had given him
in commandment unto them

The Lord said
you have dwelt long enough in this mount...
I have set the land before you:

Go in and possess it

as I closed the barn latch again
the goatcheck done
no new young
Blue left in to guard
Sam out with me to check the trails
I lifted my face

He always amazes me

the morning was new
the sun not yet risen
wispy grey clouds
disappearing on the low eastern horizon
the moon's soft glow sifted through the clouds in the southern sky
as I breathed in this morning gift of beauty to me
the moon rose above the grey
sat like a sun on a horizon
bright and half appearing
then seemed to burst the clouded sky
to give one last fullness
before the sun's rays cast golden
through the forest branches

Eduardo spoke of faith yesterday
and of what he has learned
through forty years of walking
mostly that we don't always 'feel' faith
...because faith does not 'rely' on what we feel
he shared
the Gospel of Mark
shared how the three women
that had come to the tomb
when they saw the stone rolled away
when they heard the angel's words
that Jesus was not there
the words that He was Risen
the words to go tell the disciples
that Jesus would go before them into Galilee
that they would see Him
Just as He had said unto them...
Eduardo shared
that they went out quickly
that they fled from the sepulchre
for they trembled
and were amazed:
neither. of. them. said. anything. to. any. man.
for. they. were. afraid.
this is Mark's sharing of what happened
in the early hours of that first Easter morning
He shared what was real in his heart
Jesus would change the fear
perfect love
casts out all fear

Faith is a gift from God
it does not rely on feelings
we may be afraid but it is as we believe God
that we 'see' clearly

Jesus went before them
to show Himself
to 'help' them believe

more blessed
He tells Thomas
who said he would not believe
until he put his finger in the holes
of Jesus' hands

more blessed
He tells Thomas
are those who have not seen

Faith makes us blessed

Still it is a gift
that none may boast

I know my Redeemer Liveth
and as I walk my morning path
I 'feel' His presence
when I don't
He is still present
and He still holds me
and He still Liveth

I 'feel' His presence
when I don't
He still goes ahead of me
like He did for those three woman
who were in so much anguish
who were so terrified
who were so amazed
He goes ahead of us
to increase
our faith
to help us see
Then I said unto you
Dread not
neither be afraid

The Lord your God
Which goeth before you
He shall fight for you

Yet in this thing
you did not believe
the Lord your God

and so we remember
the forty years in the wilderness...

to know what was in our hearts
'His' heart
was to bring us into a good land
when we don't feel Him
He is still with us
and goes before us
to show us
to show us a land
that when we have eaten and are full
we might remember
that we might remember
to give praise
for the good land
that He has given us

it is not for bread alone
that we live

Jesus came
to clear the guilty

that is all of us

and the Lord
The Lord God
merciful and gracious
and abundant in goodness and truth
Keeping mercy for thousands
forgiving iniquity
and transgression
and sin

we have found grace in His sight

because Jesus found us out
He came to clear the guilty

we are guilty no more

Jesus said
It is finished

only believe
we don't have to feel it
though some days I do
most days I do
on the ones I don't
those days I feel all alone

I just lift up my countenance
and meet His

He is Risen
He is Alive
God is with us

His mercies are
His kindness
is loving
His suffering
is long
His love
is forever

Thy 'tender' mercies
Thy 'loving' kindness
The heart of God

my favourite things


 He is no fool who walks with God ~
He will find life and find it abundantly ~


  1. Love this retelling of the "old, old, story" . . . Jesus and His love.

  2. I think of St John of the Cross' Dark Night of the Soul and how those who really get to the heart of God are those whose faith is mature and they walk with Him even when they cannot feel Him. These are those who are grown and do not have to run to touch their parent every so often before they run off again. They are grown. The parent is in them and being in His presence is not a matter of feeling, but knowing. He is life itself, YHWH, the breath, the great I AM inhaled and exhaled.

    There is so much here, Susan!

    1. Yes Dawn...I want to breath 'Him' ~ inhale...exhale
      over and over again :)