Sunday, May 19, 2013

my favourite things/ double rainbows and the pot of gold

I came out of the barn
wiped my sweaty brow
took up my two full buckets of milk
and looked up from my scuffed shoes to the path home
it was still breathtaking

When I had come out to milk the goats
they were all still roaming in the new pasture
fresh green grass like soft velvet
beneath their hooves
the sound of their munch munching
had stopped me
I had laid down my buckets
decidedly sat there against the barn
and watched

twenty goats encased in a double rainbow
stretched from NorthEast to NorthWest
the mist still drizzling over them
100 meters away I stood in dryness
the sky above me blue and rich with dotted cotton
the sun parading down against the horizon behind me
the glow golden and warm against my beastlies
the sky above them soft gray
the rainbows' glowing against this soft paynes gray
the new leaves of the poplars
very much alive
vibrant on the darkened backdrop

I could almost see the Master painting
I stood in silent awe

I just watched
then closed my eyes and just listened
then shut out everything and just felt the mist begin to sway my way
I remember the first day I smelled Spring
the day Winter just slipped away
the one snow pile on the northside of the barn
the only reminder of the very long rest
the dogs seeking it out for refreshment
a reminder that I was not the only one sad to see its beauty slip away

but now

now I am breathless
the rainbow is iridescent
this indigo starting and coming up again then again
I memorize the colours
I try to remember how kids paint its memory
blue into green
yellow into orange
red into royalty once more
then it is repeated above itself
arching God's promise above the land
of the living
God is with us

and for today
no battle here
though in the distance
I hear the thunder
today all is peace here
joy fills my heart

this moment is enough

I lift my face from my scuffed shoes
I can still see
double rainbows
and the pot
of gold

my favourite things


  1. Beautifully written, Susan. :-) I love these things, these moments that catch us unawares and bring us such joy. :-)

    1. my dear Rambling Tart~ I love how your heart is always capturing such beauty and with a breath you share it our way :)

  2. I was there with you. You transported me there with your words. I feel damp as you tell me about the goats in the field with the "the mist still drizzling over them". I inhale to a gasp as you lean against the barn and describe, "the sky above me blue and rich with dotted cotton" and the gasp slows to awe when you share the feeling of seeing the rainbow, "I try to remember how kids paint its memory". This is so lovely! God is with us!

    1. Isn't this in truth why we share... why we put into words...

      to have another fellow man transported as we are~ it was marvelous to have your company here dear friend and the others that have come along too. What a party!

  3. Such a wonderful mystery that our breath can be snatched away and our hearts enraptured by sights and sounds in nature that are in truth so commonplace. You walk the paths on your property every day yet it never becomes old and your joy and delight are new every day. God has truly gifted you in that and in the ability to capture it all in words to share with others.

    1. And Andrea, to think that sometimes all we have to do is 'lift' our countenance... It always amazes me when I do!
      I love you dear friend and as I wrap my love around various young folk in the community I think of how you shared Christ with them and now in their time of need they know no where else to turn. I am remembering you as the sower of good seed and I am praying double rainbows around all this beloved youth that reaches up to Him, faithful as He always is. Pray with me...

  4. I just came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on mine. I love that you have goats. And your poetry is absolutely lovely.

    1. my goats pick the best of friends :)