Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my favourite things/joy cometh in the morning

we need joy
around this world
it seems

so much is falling apart
cities and roads crushed and sinking
fires burning
waters rising
children hungry
lives shattered and taken
and others tarnished by sin's ravages
the pain inflicted so deep
I'm off to milk
I'm off to sit bent low on bended knee
my head sunk in 12 goat flanks
steamy milk rising to meet these tears
long stained for all who weep
their loved ones hurt or lost
some confused and crushed
by death
or sin's dark stain
the night so dark
it chokes
and fear takes
Weeping may last through the night
but joy cometh in the morning

our wedding verse
presented to us by an uninvited couple
who wanted to come and bless us anyways

did they have any idea this verse would guard our hearts
and help us press on 36 years now

I keep trying to understand its power
all I know is that
in the morning
something is always new
and though the pain is still there
hope has made it through
~fear has fled
night has passed
and with the day
our hope's

I'm off to milk
and weep
and pray
that joy
may come
joy cometh in the morning
it is one of
my favourite things

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