Monday, March 3, 2014

my favourite things/ holding on

I am sharing my daughter's post hopeful that you will be blessed in turn~ to all my beloved friends and family~ you are loved and cherished~ Immanuel... God is with us~ He loves when we run to Him.

Though I may stumble and even fall - Oh, that I would hold on like my Nicholas


  1. My heart aches for her and these painful things one right after the other. I can only imagine how your heart is feeling, wishing you could be there to ease her burden. I'm so glad she has her faith and her children and all the love you and others can lavish on her to sustain her. XO

    1. Thank you Krista... love from around the world will certainly help... good news this morning... while she was at the police station getting papers and having them take so long she missed the time to do her work visa for the day, she had the inspiration to look into an old desk she had before she moved and 'yay' in it was an old paper proving she did have a work visa approved. Tomorrow she just may be fine! The funny thing is that phoning the visa office earlier they said they had no record of her old visa work... non existant!!!. Now she has proof in her hand... thank you Father in Heaven for old desks and a wait at a police station.