Saturday, October 10, 2015

my favourite things~ that wet sort of Autumn day

  it is that wet sort of Autumn day
  mist shrouded
  yet lovely
  the feeling of a warm wet towel after a sunny day at the river
  this chinook 
  in October
  the wind stilled
  for a moment
  then a twirlywind catching the raised branches
  of the Cottonwood
  and the children leaping
  and dancing
  to catch the swirling up and down of the coloured leaves
  my dream of little feet and laughter satisfied
  by my waking
  and finding them
  all here
  my favourite things

(photo:Bob Kimball~ the maple tree)

Shoshanna's birthday on the 1st
Stephen's on the 9th
my mama Jessie's on the 10th
God's many blessings
my favourite things

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  1. How lovely. Your poetry is so perfect! I also loved the previous post about your husband. Just beautiful.