Sunday, June 11, 2017

my favourite things/ green granny smith apples

my favourite things

He visited us today

The old woman walked right to us
though her zig zagging gait suggested
she'd had too much to drink
her plastic bottle empty
swaying in her hand
we all gazed at her steadfastness
to join our picnic celebrating

our blankets spread
on the velvety grass
the children celebrating a tenth birthday
fruit trays and veggies
finger food banquet arranged in its fullness

we all held our breaths

she spoke

do you have some water
its my heart
and the water helps



of course we had water

I reached one cool bottle to the children
to pass on to her
almost too eagerly
grateful she did not seek to spoil the children's fun
or take from their "abundance"

what heart is mine
I thought
O Lord, forgive me
I thought
I must give her more

we have so much

she gently folded her hands under her chin
gave Thanks
to the Eternal One
for the water
for us

then walked on

wavering still
but kindly
and with a grace
as she passed by
we could see
in her coat pocket
a perfect specimen
of a green

I smiled thinking
an apple was also good for her heart
and it reminded me of the Garden
the fruit on that tree
and how even there
God's grace found us

I wanted to give her a veggie plate
Shoshanna wanted to give her a strawberry tray
Everyone wanted to give her more

but we each said nothing out loud
about it
we did nothing

we wanted to
she left so quickly

all we did was kindly return the blessing
she so graciously left for us
as she walked on

later the children found her sleeping
not far from us

we are home now
and at the evening table we shared how we all wanted to give more
but she was so content
with the water
and we were frozen in time and could not move
though our hearts wished to

it was just a cup of cold water
tonight after all were settled
I did my last watch of the night

out into the dusk I went
dogs at my side
the goats and horses happy for
the evening meal
new kids put safely away
water taken around

and there arms raised to the Eternal One
with the night sky swathed in softness
He met me and touched me
I communed and rested and prayed
and praised and trusted
and waited
so long
I stood
His breath mine
His healing mine
my heart His to reshape

I turned and there sitting poised and tall behind me was my Willow dog
eyes on me
and more
she had my back
she was so stoicly calm
and still
so close

and I am thinking how sometimes the animals see God and angels more easily than we do

they seem to know if we entertain angels unawares

green granny smith apples
faithful guardian dogs
angels in old women disguise
birthday celebrations
little happy hearts
His Word that reminds us
He is with us

And the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’…(Mathew 25:39)

His heart

my favourite things

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