Thursday, April 19, 2018

my favourite things/ trusting

this majestic puppy
visited a porcupine today
I'm certain she was surprised

perhaps it was the first time
something ever turned on her
this friendly
still puppyish hound
greeting the world around her 
with great 

had no
when she 
returned home 
this morning

Eddie was fine
perhaps he saw what had happened to Willow
and decided a distance between him and the prickly friend was a fine thing
or perhaps
he is just 
a wee bit
in life
having been around 
loads of years 

never once did Willow try to bite me

I pulled the needles out one by one
and after two hours
I finally thought to calf tie her legs
and put a horse blanket over her
I held her firmly but gently
while I sat on her
and with encouraging words
took only seconds more
to remove the last needles 
stuck deeply 
in her 

all out at last

there was no
biting me

just kisses and puppy romping

puppy slobber
and more 

This was my gift for hurting her with each needle out

she let me do it

I wish I could be such malleable clay in the Master's hands
His gentle gracious hands
He knows best

I know He loves me
I want to trust Him
like Willow trusted me

He knows best


my favourite things

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