Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my favourite things / goat play dog play

goat play
dog play

Eduardo tells his students
about how he loves his children
and how this Spring
he had 21 new kids
born at home

and they say 

Wow! So many children!
Who looks after them all?

Why the nannies of course!

and then he laughs
and tells about the goat kids

I love when he laughs at his own jokes
even if they are corny

that means he is happy

and that means a lot

today 33 chileans
will be able to laugh at their own jokes
and no matter how silly
I know their wives will smile along

69 days trapped

Mario Sepulveda
was with God
and with the devil
and said
he reached out to God

God says
call out to Me in your day of trouble

I will deliver you

and you shall glorify Me

as each one was pulled out of the pit

I wailed

and laughed

and drank salty tears
all the while thanking God
that each family was spared

the sorrow that could have been

the simple things
will mean so much to them now

I am sure Florencio Avalos
will watch his son's every game
Omar Reygadas
will treasure holding his great grandchild

I think there will be more play
more hugs
more joyous tears
more mercy

more value placed

upon each newborn day

after crying 

and rejoicing
for the 33 miners

I went out and worked hard
carried fence rails
trimmed goat hoofs
debudded horns

then sat and rested and remembered
the miracle

and watched
the goat play
and dog play

my favourite things


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  1. You really have a way with the camera, Susan. Wish you were here to give me some lessons!