Thursday, October 28, 2010

the trail / my favourite things

the trail
leads to surprises
and laughter
and fun

with Bethany it is always
lined with adventure

we head off
on Celina
and Angel
following the path of leaves
and earthy smells
where the wolves and moose
have gone before

today the sun is golden through the
naked branches of the poplars and birch
the large cottonwoods cast shadows before us
and the firs glisten with the sparkling dewdrops
today every jewel is ours
the horses are crowned in their glory
and Bethany
bareback on Angel
leads on

my girl is very careful
with her mama
but her taste for adventure
takes us off the worn path

here the trail disappears
the horses also eager for adventure
wind through the underbrush
down steep ravines and up tall peaks
the three dogs
weave in and out with us
tongues long
tails high

my heart races within me
as we pass landmarks
I have memorized some 30 years before
wandering on foot 
throughout all those years with Eduardo
or the children
seeking treasures
old log cabins
ancient firs
sleeping bears
hidden deer
owls and eagles
with their song
and dance
and that of our hearts

on horseback I feel
like an early explorer
the air thick with its wildness
my pulse matching
that of Celina's

Bethany calm and graceful
before us leads on
while my heart wants to burst
from my chest
for the pure delight
of these moments together

and then
just when I am not sure

where we are

we burst out of the wildness
back onto our home trail
and my heart settles
and my smile can't stop
as we pass our sleeping cottonwoods
golden chantarelles
jewels still sparkling

horses hold such power
beneath and within

my fear says
so much could go wrong

God says
perfect love casts out all fear

His perfect love
His perfect gift of today

His perfect blessing of my daughter

these lovely horses
these dear sweet hounds
His majestic beauty all around

I hold His love

my fear is lost in the wind
I rejoice in the adventure
with Bethany
on our

my favourite things


  1. dear Susan (that is your name, i think?),

    this makes me cry, makes something longing for adventure well up inside of this house-bound mama of four. i too, rode horses when i was a girl--my whole life--i have rode in the woods, in the arena at shows...until i was thrown and trampled and almost killed by a horse twice in one hour...a large part of my life tucked away and forgotten. thank you for reminding me. i think i will be calling up my dad who has been trying to get me to ride.

    finally, something worth reading.



    1. Nacole, I just came upon your reply and was hoping that you truly did call up your dad and seek out an adventure with him. Praying for you dear friend. I am so glad you fine now and am praying joy and some adventure for you. God go with you and show you His glory.
      My daughter is pregnant at the moment and wants to protect the wee one so we walk the trails....I know the horses are waiting for us