Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crunch/ my favourite things

it has been three weeks
wired shut
blended thin and smooth

it is alright
I enjoy all the flavours
I have made wonderful puree soups
the fruit and yoghurt are to die for

but today
I went out on a limb

I craved... crunch

not carrot crunch
or apple crunch

but cheezie crunch

I don't like just any cheezie
it has to be crisp and without a hint of staleness

Eduardo likes sales
and the cheezies he buys on sale
are ALWAYS stale

but if you can believe it

today I went into the cupboard
and took down a bag
of his unopened truly cheese sticks

I squished a cheezie between my lips and my wired teeth
squashed it gently and sucked until I could taste that wonderful stale taste

the first two seconds were awesome
then the flavour was gone so I squashed a second one next to it

two more seconds of pleasure
then I couldn't blow air or suck juice

I was gooped

I looked in the mirror and had to laugh
I was good and gooped!

that  is not a good thing when your mouth
is wired shut

I squirted the syringe
brushed my teeth
swished and swashed
all to no avail

I was gooped

an hour later
now I feel half clean
it will take all day
to make air pass through the spaces
in my teeth again

I'm still dreaming of cheezies
and pizza
and apple pie
and quishe
an apple
a cheese and cracker

I think I will wait the three weeks though

the countdown is on for


my favourite things

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