Monday, November 22, 2010

my foot warmers / my favourite things

I was sitting at the computer
Bethany had sent a message from the airport

"hugs to her puppy"

I had to laugh
as Blue dog was stuck between my feet
my foot warmer
a little wigglier than usual
but soft
and oh so warm

I wrote Bethany how good the puppies had been
how happy to see me home again
how Saphira had greeted me then charged straightway
down to the basement to find her mistress
who was flying high on her way to Afrika

to Saphira's homeland

I was pleased Saphira had settled
after checking out
all the dog dishes and
checking out any fallen crumbs
it was siesta time
for the dear canines
and the sweet feline
was up on the kennel
also asleep

wondering why my foot warmer was so wiggly
I looked to see that it wasn't Blue dog at all
but Saphira!
She was snuggling as close to my feet as she could get

she discovered the cat's favourite place over the heat vent
and my foot warmer disappeared
and took on the likeness of Oliver

I am certain I heard purring

and I am sure it was the Afrikan hound
dreaming of Afrikan sun and
lying with her Bethany

puppy dreams

my foot warmers
my favouite things

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