Saturday, November 20, 2010

a moon ring/my favourite things

my chickens needed food
and Eduardo was still up

I put on my winter coat and boots
grabbed my bucket of pellets
for my feathered friends
ducks and hens
and went out into the night
a little chill at -20C

Eduardo put on his coat
and headed out to grab one more load
of wood for the furnace

usually I walk alone
discover the beauty alone
sigh and breath thanks
to my Maker alone

tonight though I had to go back
and bring Eduardo out to the field

he is usually not game
but tonight he took my hand
and we traced over my tracks in the snow

The ring around the Moon was enormous
I didn't have to say a thing
I just watched him look up and sigh
and exclaim amazement
the rays came from the South
and stretched to the North
making an arc around the brilliant Moon

we didn't tire
but watched and watched

as we walked home
arm in arm
content to have shared
these moments
a gift from our Saviour
Who delights in astounding us
a huge star fell before us
its flame as large as the Moon
just seconds later it burned itself out
over our neighbours' field

we walked home amazed
reveling in the small token
from our Fathers big basket of blessings
something just fit for these kids of the King

He says,
you should have been there
when We put it all together...
now "that"was astounding...
but this was a little gift all the same
to keep you in wonder
to keep you in awe

I am so glad my chickens needed food
and my Eduardo was still up
wouldn't have missed it
for anything

a moon ring

my favourite things

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