Monday, November 1, 2010

ghosts and goblins

a long way from our home trails
three wild dogs
two wilder horses and
two of the wildest
young ladies
went in search
of adventure
and found the wild things
of the deep
dark forest

every grouse that flew out
every cow that stood gazing
every branch that cracked
each time a dog broke out of the brush
our horses were sure the lions
were on the loose
or ghosts and goblins

riding in the shadows sent a chill
through their bodies and ours
but that was only the Autumn freshness

the wet swamps felt like
they were swallowing us alive
with their
squish squish squish
but that was just our latter rains
filling every crevice
in the earth
it was
All Saints Eve
and the horses were sure
ghosts and goblins
were about

the horses' every fiber
was alert to the looming creatures
and each step careful and tested
we had to laugh at their antics
and at the dogs
as they all scurried here
and darted there

We had fun and laughed
as the shadows lengthened and
the sun in the open fields warmed our faces

we headed the horses home
where ghosts and goblins were gone
and friendly nickers called them
and fresh hay and cozy shelters
and the night was there
to dream
about the silliness of
ghosts and goblins

All Saints Eve


God with us
no need for alarm

rest sweet horses
and dream

my favourite things

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