Sunday, May 8, 2011

my favourite things/the senses

she said

what is in the juice ?
four things

I could see it was carrot
the rich orange colour
I could smell it too
the sweet bitter of the winter storing
my nose caught the celery
before I even tasted it
the apple I could smell
and definitely taste
as it dribbled sweet
down my throat
the third one was harder

I could taste a sweet freshness
light and almost flat
but couldn't guess

because I couldn't recognize it
didn't mean it wasn't there
and I thought of God
how sometimes we don't recognize
His presence
until later
and wonder...
is He really there

If I couldn't see... I would still taste the juice
If I couldn't taste... I might still smell the juice
If I couldn't smell... I would be left to feel its wetness
If I couldn't feel... I would be left to hear

If someone would just tell me it was juice
I could believe them

Why is it so much harder with God?

I can see the works of His hand
I can taste and see that He is good
I can smell the fragrance of His love
I can feel the comfort of His presence
I can hear the truth of His Word

there is nothing lacking

should I ever doubt Him
He is more than a glass of juice
always more

He passes me a pear
just so I believe

He is always there

our senses
my favourite things


  1. Our senses are truly a gift from a good papa . . . so many ways to experience Him! The abundance of creation's beauty, a feast for the eyes, the fragrance of a rose, a cardinal's call, a mouthful of juicy watermelon goodness, the stroking of a silky Himalayan kitten. All spur me to delighted oo's and aw's and wonder and gratitude. Thank you, Susan, for sharing this.

  2. Love this! Every sense of His presence is a gift. Whispers of His love everywhere...

  3. I think maybe it's because the world screams at our senses - God whispers at our soul. We live and walk in the world, so it's easier to listen to I imagine. We have to drop the world a little to see beyond it. This was a riddle, sphinx-like - and poetic - to be unwrapped. Thank you for this today – I hearted it lots Tina – and God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  4. I want you to know, Tina, that I keep coming back and looking for new things of yours to read. I hope that the lack of words here only indicates a busy and fulfilled and happy time of life for you. I'll keep coming back – I'll catch the new words when they get here. I hope all is well. God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

  5. Craig, I'am' busy... my winter rest is over and as a shepherdess my days are long with the animals, their safety and care, processing milk, cheese, working the garden, teaching...
    I love to meet with you all and share and
    am so thankful for all your friendship...each one of you that comes to visit, I thank you and pray God's blessing on your each and every day.

  6. Hungry Mommy, Andrea, I sometimes cover some of my senses to see if I am missing something with a different sense.... like closing my eyes while I rest in the forest, or smelling deeply with the other senses shut out...or closing my eyes while I caress my stallion's thick neck or the soft cheek of a newborn...God has filled our lives with so much blessing!