Thursday, June 2, 2011

my favourite things/ the rain is falling

the rain is falling
fresh and light
a steady pattering on our tin roof
the fresh wet fragrance
my face upturned
to catch its falling glory

we have been waiting
for rain

the winter blanket
unlocked from the earth
set free to fill the valleys
and fall to the great ocean floors
to bring refreshment

and now
the seeds are in
the ground soft around them
the manured earth warmed
by Spring's sun rays
and sure to wake all
from winter's long sleep

the white and rose blossoms
fill my senses
there is no room to breathe more deeply
no room to hold the symphony of all the wind's rustlings
through Earth's wedding garments
fragrant with Love's scent
so full
one must

I keep saying...
smell this!
It is too much to keep to one's self
and so you hear everyone saying...
Come smell!

And ...Look!
everyone saying....
Come look!

and while we awaken and expect winter's silence...
instead there is
this Song
in praise

to the One

Who is worthy

Who loves His own
and calls us by name

Before we were formed in our Mother's womb
He knew us
and planted in us ... Seeds
to love the rising sun
the sunsets
the running of a hundred wild horses
and the strength of one's youth
He knew our frame
that we were but clay
yet fashioned in His image


in His mind's eye
so worth redeeming
that we might share
the fruit of
The Seed... planted

The rain is falling
the soil is ready
I will pray for the blessing of the Shower
and thank Him for the showers of blessings

the rain is falling

my favourite things


  1. Lifted, unlocked, set free . . . if He does this for the lowly seed, how much more for you and I. Just lovely, Susan.

  2. Dear Susan,

    My Favourite Things

    I will pray for the blessing of the Shower
    and thank Him for the showers of blessings

    in His mind's eye
    so worth redeeming

    so full
    one must

    we have been waiting
    for rain

    I LOVE these phrases! Now I'm off to look for some of your words for my daughter's birthday card. I'll let you know what I find!

    So fun being here,

  3. Your words are SO beautiful, Susan! How wonderfully you capture the pure joy of new rain. :-)

  4. My dear Rambling Tart,
    Today was another amazing day where after the rain everything was so vibrant and fresh...the bird song was glorious! Keep on dear friend/ I love how you capture the world on your camera for us all!