Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my favourite things/ the holy things of God

out in the cool of the night
under the shelter of His wings
I know His holiness

alone with Him
one with Him
resting in Him alone
He comes and offers
peace and quiet rest

I need no words
my life is an open storybook
He knows by heart
but He shares His joy
His strength
His hope
His Love

with me

little me

out in the cool of the night
while night hawks fly
and the wild things
watch through the dark...

my Saviour bids me come
walk with Him

there is no shame
I need not hide
He knows each beat of my heart
and bids me come
and know His holiness

though days are filled with the groanings of life
burdens bulge
pressures mount
always there is

This is God's holiness

He offers to take our lives
and live His through us
He offers to take our everything
and make it beautiful

This is God's holiness

little me

wrapped in the love of God
a ribbon of Grace to hold me in

and all the while to know
the holy things of God

my favourite things


  1. Dear Susan,

    This should be posted at the end of Deep into Scripture by Craig today. To me, it's like a poetic summary of his thoughtful discourse on significance. I love the image I get of each of us being a wrapped present

    wrapped in the love of God
    a ribbon of Grace to hold me in

    How beautiful!

  2. I'm headed over to Deep into Scripture right now... thanks Dawn :)

  3. "There is no shame, I need not hide, He knows each beat of my heart . . . " Is this not one of the deepest desires of all . . . to know and be known? Love this, Susan. Happy Birthday, dear friend.

  4. Ahh. A true poet. Thank you for pausing at my praying chair blog; you blessed me. ..'a ribbon of Grace to hold me in' is balm to my soul. I needed a gift today and God sent you... via Dawn, Cora, Craig.... another ribbon of Grace.

  5. Susan! I absolutely hearted this! Me so little – him so big – counting the stars on a blackened sky and wondering, "who am I that you should know me by name?" I've had nights like that myself – and this prayerful poem said what I felt.

    and I count it's an honor to be in the same community as you, and Dawn, and Cora, and Liz :-)

    God bless you Susan, and if it's true that it's your birthday – happy birthday my sister :-)

  6. Happy Birthday! I love knowing these things! Dawn

  7. Gosh Everyone! Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes... so nice to come back and find you have all had a visit!