Friday, June 17, 2011

my favourite things/emerald sea green in the night sky

At 11 PM
where the morning sun
begins her journey
at the crest of the poplars in the eastern sky...
lay the moon

It lay bathed in a sea of emerald green
and shone with intense brilliance
yellow and on fire

I almost mistook it
for another

Its fullness and light like the Source

but never had I seen it bathed in an emerald sea
laced in a glowing clear brightness
that pierced me clear through
I watched as in a trance
I couldn't move my feet
I didn't want to lose this moment
I watched and waited
I sighed
I groaned
for the beauty

time moves on
I had chores pulling me away
my back to this glory
I walked away

away yet filled

and later
on my trek home

I set down my bucket of milk
warm and foaming
almost spilling in its fullness
like the moon
which lay heavy
caught now in a web of the poplars

I could still see its glory
laced in this web that held it

three days ago it would have been hidden
by Spring's budding
the poplars clothed in their new garments
fresh greenness
thick and lush
a warm cloak
a shield from the sun's hot gaze

but today...

I had felt some sorrow
when the tent caterpillars arrived
I saw them first on the gate post
then saw the tree tops bare
could hear the sound
of their appetites
the steady soft crunch
If I closed my eyes
it was like the contented
grazing of our horses
while on pasture
and I thought how all creatures
must live or die

how all of creation groans and travails in pain
together until now
awaiting the adoption

that is...
the redemption of our bodies

and because these tent caterpillars live today
I can see the moon cupped in the poplar's web
and so I remember that we are held in the Master's hands
and if we live or die
He holds us
I breathe deeply and groan
for the fragrance
the beauty...
this life...

He holds me in an emerald sea
bathed in the moon's glow

He holds me

my favourite things


  1. Dear Susan,

    I can see in my minds eye just what you saw over the past days. The moon below the trees, the moon hidden by the trees dense new growth, and now the moon through lacy trees BECAUSE of the caterpillars. I can hear them chewing, "the sound of their the contented grazing of our horses while on pasture" Yes, I can just see the smiles on those caterpillars as their tummies fill and they rest full. All the while, leaving holes for moonbeams for you to enjoy. What a vivid reminder that there is good in all things.

    So here we are...all of creation together...awaiting the adoption. Our paperwork is in order. We're doing what caterpillars, horses, humans do UNTIL we go home. And the doing of the one effects the doing of the other. You pause while carrying your pale of milk back home because what the caterpillars are doing created a beauty that lead you to God. Beautiful!

    Thanks for this blessed morning devotion.
    God blesses me through you,

  2. Beautifully penned, Susan. It is so easy to miss those "emerald" moments when things come our way that seem destructive, but what comfort and joy to know that whether we live or die, we are the LORD's . . . He holds us!

  3. thank you my 'Dawn' friends for watching with me! God is so amazing!
    So much to see; so much to share