Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my favourite things/after the rain

we heard the song of the rain

all night it lulled us to sleep
a calming peaceful presence
knowing God was bringing freshness
to a dry land
while we

Bethany called ahead of me
in the early hours
and into the rain we went
goats to milk
horses to put on pasture

paddocks to clean

overnight God sprouted my garden seeds
the little shoots singing a happy song
with the morning

Bethany and I had a song in our heart

then dripping wet
came home
a nice hearth fire to warm us
a hot milk to remove the chill
mocha cheesecake
and a book

then out again
on the horse trail
a new one cut fresh
these past days

the horses glad for the adventure
the dogs

more rain
those sweet showers of blessings

then sun
glorious sun

the heavens jeweled in sparkling clouds

the earth radiantly vibrant
after the rain

an epiphany of new life
new colours
new beginnings

is this the feeling
one has as they enter heaven
the soul raptured
the senses awakened...

To see as one has never seen
to find a melody in the air that gives flight
like the eagles'
where 'breath' is of another world
and you know 'His' presence

though He is there all along
I feel dim witted at times
and it takes the beauty 'after the rain'
to refresh
my memory

to rekindle the  flame within me
and remind me
I walk where angels walk
and Jesus is the One

He sets my heart to dancing

after the rains

my favourite things


  1. Dear Susan,

    I am typing on a Holy Comment Section. This piece transported me to another time and another place. It was like a deja vu. Yes, I have been in places after the rain, but never thought of that feeling of newness as foreshadowing of heaven. Oh, my! how I empathized with feeling dim-witted, having the constant need for my memory to be refreshed although He is always with me.

    Have you ever gotten the e-mail about the little girl who was born prematurely and had to be in the hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)for months and all the while her parents not knowing if she would live? She does live and she grows. One day at a baseball game her mother sees it is going to storm so she calls her to tell her she is getting ready to leave because a storm is coming. The little girl wonders how her mommy knows a storm is coming and she says, "You smell that smell?" (the smell of lightening piercing the sky sending out the fragrance of ozone) The little girl says, "Yes that is what Jesus smells like." Her mother is stunned and asks her to tell her more and the little girls says while she was a small baby in the NICU, Jesus held her and that is what He smelled like as she was pressed against His chest.

    Oh, Susan, could this be a bit why the rain brought you to heaven? Everything smelled so fresh, so like Jesus! It would be difficult to come in out of a rain like that, except for the mocha cheesecake and a good book.

    Love you and this work of heart,

  2. Dawn... that is such a beautiful thought!I love the story you shared and it is one of my favourites.
    I have two thoughts... at times, I need that extraordinary event or sense to remind me of God's glory. An amazing sunset, a moving song, the peace after a storm...
    at other times it is the crushed and imperfect that reveals His glory. The intricate veinwork in a decayed leaf, the caterpillar plague we presently have, a sick child we are in prayer for...
    in both situations His glory is revealed and I stand in awe of Him, the Loving Creator, Saviour, Lord of all... both the weak and the strong, the living and the dead... All things are His and He alone is worthy.
    And I just love Him so much!
    blessings my dear one

  3. "I walk where angels walk and Jesus is the One" . . . yes!