Friday, November 18, 2011

my favourite things/ fun with my son

~my favourite things~


  1. Oh, Susan,

    I was making cards last night with some ladies and the one said, as she looked at another's handiwork, "I must confess, I am coveting." She explained how she wished she had the color sense and balancing eye to make cards like those around her were making. Well, that is how I feel looking at these photos of you and your son ice-skating.

    I LOVE to ice skate and it has been years since I have done so and there you are in a winter wonderland ICE SKATING with one of the joys of your life! And I bet afterwards you went inside to a warm fire, some hot tea and cheese cake or a scrumptious cookie. I am undone!

    I will look at this series of pictures and your exquisite prose that accompanies them over and over again! They warm my heart!

    So happy for you,

  2. Dawn dear Dawn... wouldn't we have fun having you here!!!!
    and then we could make cards together, with a lovely hot drink and something yummy besides!
    I just know Heaven will be a wonderful place... the enjoyments He gives us here will only be multiplied there, all in His loving presence!
    I would love to send you cards of some of my work... if there is anything you like...let me know. A Christmas gift~

  3. It makes me wonder what gives you such a joyful heart. You see such sadness like in South Africa with the orphans yet you skip with joy across the pages of life never doubting for a moment (it seems) that we are in a loving place because we are in the hands of a merciful God.

    I truly walk away refreshed after I read your comments, to me, certainly, but also to others I don't even know. May the Lord hug you really tight, more so than He usually does so that you feel especially blessed today.


    PS Oh, and I would LOVE some cards. Is there anything I like? I'm not sure what you mean, but I think you know me pretty well. You choose. I have a soy candle for you. (like minds?) I just need a snail mail address. Please send to my e-mail address. You will LOVE the scent, I think.

  4. Dawn... remember, I have been close to heaven many times... that joy never leaves me.
    Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ... this is real and it rests deep in my heart. I see sorrow and weep deeply but only for here and now. I pray my life might make a difference for someone each day and I count it a blessing to serve and to pray for others, especially the less fortunate, that they too might see Jesus and know His hand of love and blessing...
    His grace "is" sufficient. It "is" enough. This is a great and simple truth.

    and I would LOVE a soy candle !

  5. Thank you for letting us share in this wonderful time . .. you multiplied the good! God bless you and the precious ministry He has given you!

  6. Look at you..angel in bright pink!

  7. Oh how fun!! I absolutely love this post, Susan. :-) The pictures are fantastic and I can't stop grinning at your fabulous bright pink ensemble. :-) You brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood in Canada. :-)

  8. My dear Rambling Tart, this snow suit was almost auctioned off at a ski hill with me in it once! Some guys thought it was awesome and I almost gave it to them!
    I love winter... I love the rest God brings to me through it... waiting, waiting for Spring and new lambs, planting, weeding, processing...
    Winter is such a lovely rest!

  9. Beautiful photos-
    loved visiting!

  10. Loved the photos. . .it looked like in one of them that your son lost his head, I'm glad he didn't :)
    Love your pink suit!
    Love to see mother and son having fun together!!!
    AND, I love your response up above about your joy never leaving, that it is deep no matter what lies around you. That blesses me to my toes! :) Thanks for coming by my pond. Mine is not frozen

  11. wish you could all come skating !!!
    Kristin we have such happy toes.
    Deb, T, and Debra... thanks for coming by :)

  12. Delightful photo story and verse. Looks like lots of fun, even if very cold!

  13. Thank you so much for this post. It has inspired me to spend more time with my jewels -- my children. To take delight in them. To enjoy them. To breathe deep the fragrance of their laughter. Thank you!

  14. Absolutely beautiful story... I am truly touched!