Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my favourite things/ gramma's boy

his words always greet me

he loves me
no doubts
when our eyes join
we know
my heart knows
he's mine
he knows I'm his
we just know

this boy in Africa
a long way from Canada
we have shared only two months
out of his two years
where we laughed and played
held tight through tears

yet we know

I'm his
he's gramma's boy

my favourite things


  1. Well, Susan, this grandma doesn't have any boy grandbabies, but she she sure knows that it takes little or no time to knit hearts together even across great distances.

    How precious are those words spoken by little lips . . . "Hi Grandma", and they seem to inherently convey that deep understanding that you are not just any grandma, but "my grandma".

    Your grandchildren are so blessed to have you for their grandma.

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn and Susan,

    I join you in "Grandma's longdistance" albeit my distances are not as great as both of yours. I see two grandsons tomorrow morning. These two love to be in the kitchen and cook so I have tasks for them to do. I wonder how long an almost 3-year-old will pluck grapes off a stem and place them in a bowl. (60 seconds???)

    I got an e-mail story from my 11-year-old granddaughter Jessica yesterday and I promptly ribbed her a little bit about the drummer in the story being the villain. (Her pop pop is a drummer, but she may not know that.) Ah, it is so much easier keeping in touch these days than it was when I was a parent. I am thankful for that.

    Susan, that boy is SO blessed. Just look at his pinchable cheeks!

    Hugs to both of you,

  3. Dawn... pinchable cheeks indeed!
    Have an awesome time with your grandkiddies... For us, Skype, is such a friend ! I was able to sing happy birthday with family and watch him open presents and hear him say,
    "Gramma Gramma Gramma!" and be all smiley.
    His delightful two sisters told me the story of Goldilocks, sang songs and danced for me....
    It brings one almost close enough to hug!

  4. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

  5. I'm so blessed that you have each other. I want to hold him and hug him! (no grandbabies yet! ha!) You fill me with hope as you share your precious grandson with us. Thank you!