Sunday, November 6, 2011

my favourite things/everything all glory grace

She will be passing by this way "no more"
she has her wings
she's taken flight
by Jesus' side
she now abides
and sees Him face to face
just glory

with heaven eyes
all glory

I hear
just like her dad
she's colour blind
not a soul she didn't love

and just like at the tomb
how Jesus wept
dear Granny's heart wept too
for almost everyone
yes! me 'and' you

her greatest game was giving thanks
being help
having fun
holding babies
making quilts
folding towels
cinnamon buns
ice cream

popcorn made her smile

she could recite most anything
old school training
left its trace

she loved old hymns
knew every word

Psalm 23

And now she's traveled  o'er the veil
and waits for us
with eager heart
to share
all glory there

all glory

my favourite things


  1. Dear Granny Ruth . . . the quintessential granny, loving all, time for everybody. I remember taking tours of her garden, tea in her kitchen and never leaving empty-handed . . . and with a full heart, feeling like she really was MY granny.

    Thanks, Susan, for this lovely tribute to her.

  2. Such a tribute Susan, it makes me want to meet her when we meet – and in her honor - cause she liked the old hymns - "in the bye and bye". I get the feeling of who she was from your words – her favorite game being to help – and folding towels – that reminds me of my mom who's is in heaven too. Thank you very much for this tribute – and the smile on my face right now. God bless and keep you Susan.

  3. ps. and I had a grandma Ruth too :)

  4. I am glad, Andrea Dawn and Craig, that you could share this with me... I had a real good cry this morning when I realized all my visits to her will now have to wait until heaven...I will miss her wonderful friendship so much and am waiting now to see who God will bring in her place for me to be a friend and servant to...

  5. Your loss is heaven's gain. What a wonderful tribute. May God comfort you.

  6. Beautifully written, a wonderful tribute.

  7. oh... this breaks my heart for the beauty and the sadness... earth's loss, heaven's gain, and she sounds like Jesus, this woman. i want to be like her.

  8. Dearest Susan,

    This could be a tribute to my grandmother. She was all you write here and more. She had this uncanny gift to make you feel like you were the only person in the world when she was with you. She had a pig farm and I spent most of my first 4 years of life with her. When I got older, I would go to see her in the old farm house and she'd sit on the porch swing and pat the seat beside her saying, "Come here Itty Bit and talk about what's going on with you. I want to hear everything." And she really did.

    So this poem is for Granny Ruth and (in my mind) for Mamie Lockard. Thank you!

  9. Aren't grandmas wonderful! Thank you Dawn for sharing about yours! I love the " Come here Itty Bit and talk..." I can just see "little" you on the porch swing with her... would make a wonderful picture for a book one day!
    My Rosa grandma had mint planted all around the perimeter of her country home and at night when we would leave her my memory is the wonderful fragrance of mint and the picture of her on the porch waving until we could see her no more!

  10. Connie, Karen, and Emily... thank you for sharing! My kids and I learned so much from this wonderful lady through the years...quilting fun, gardening tips, making hay tips...putting up preserves, carrots in sand over winter... and I always want some scarlet runners to remind me of her vibrant and loving and very giving spirit...
    Yes, Emily, I want to be like her too!

  11. Thank you for sharing your grandma with us. I think she passed on her wonderful to you. God bless you and tenderly hold you while you miss her.

  12. Beautiful. A pattern of grace she has surely passed on to you my friend.

  13. such sweet words... beautiful *hugs to you*

    (thanks for visiting my blog, too :) )

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss! But I'm happy for the great and wonderful hope you carry for a reunion.

    Blessings as you mourn. (Joy will come in the morning, thank God.)