Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my favourite things/ the good fight against AIDS

I am a little late getting this out but as every life is a gift I just want to share that as we fight against AIDS we are giving precious people an opportunity to bless their Creator with a new chance at a full and productive life.
I love this song dedicated to some of my favourite people in this world! Check them out at tlc.org.za

Blessings to you all

All breath comes as a gift from God. There is nothing we can do apart from God.
He gives us
so that we
can work with Him
to bless others.

Today there is testing and treatment for HIV in South Africa and for the many babies that come through TLC's doors and into the hearts of the volunteers from all over the world that care for them  it has made a world of difference.
Enjoy this song.



  1. Dear Susan,

    My experience with AIDS in Africa leaves me speechless on this subject. Health care workers I know in the villages say they have the medicines to give the people, but the people will not come. If they admit they have AIDS the village shuns them. They then can get no work and lose their families. Even pregnant women will not take prenatal prophylaxis to spare their baby the scourge of AIDS. It is a real dilemma.

    I know the US has poured millions of dollars into AIDS AFRICA, but who did the money help? What good are warehouses full of anti-viral drugs if there is no one to take them, as my African physician and nurse friends tell me?

    So many issues...
    Thanks for the Christmas song you sent via e-mail. It was haunting...

    Jesus, come get us!

  2. A long road to be AIDS free indeed. Maybe the progress in South Africa will spread elsewhere. I sat with my daughter and her babies in the clinics for full days waiting for HIV check-ups and the people are really coming for help; The clinics were overflowing. People are learning they can get help and the good news is spreading.

  3. In The Gambia, where my boyfriend is from, the president claims to cure AIDS, but only on a Thursday. http://articles.cnn.com/2007-03-15/world/koinange.africa_1_aids-patients-aids-cure-anti-retroviral?_s=PM:WORLD He encourages people to stop taking their ARVs and to stop using contraception as they are "cured"...


  4. VeganGirl... is that the same as Genocide...
    most interesting. For those who could find health with the ARV's it is most sad. Abba Father we need so much help!

  5. Thank you so much for your heart and hope and for sharing with us about what is going on in South Africa with His precious ones.
    God bless you and as you spill out His love everywhere.

  6. Fisherlady, this is so true: All breath DOES come as a gift from God, but too few of the children in Africa get to breathe it long. The backward policies of the Bush administration, which turned its back on so many groups that could have distributed condoms and given family planning information, all the orphaned children. God bless all who fight the fight! Amy

  7. Beautiful Susan! Love you so much. Have a great Christmas ... my heart is with you.