Saturday, December 17, 2011

my favourite things/ puppy love

a new puppy on the farm
Bethany settled him in
then off to Spain she flew
and all of us

do come
don't nibble
don't bite
catch the milk squirt
Good boy
come eat

let's play
do stairs
deep trails
run hard

It feels so much like
where one learns all one needs to know
for life...
be kind
be safe
don't bite

where we learn all the God gifts
of all a friend can be
and more

puppy school

such a good boy
Yes Blue dog
you're good
and Sam boy
and Saphira
all so good

While my grandbabies
are off in Africa
I milk goats
make cheese
make music
make art
ride horses

and get
puppy love

my favourite things


  1. The dogs all look lovely and well cared for. The large white one looks so soft and friendly.

  2. What a wonderful photo... I love photos with pets and people in them! Puppy-dogs are one of the favourite things too!

  3. Such a beautiful photo, Susan, of Bethany and the pups. Canoe has landed in a paradise for puppies with lots of critter friends and people love and fields to frolic in and trails to follow.

  4. Dear Susan,

    This is one of my favorite things, too: puppies, dogs, canines and hounds. They are so close to God in qualities that I find so rare in homo sapiens. Their faithfulness and unconditional love amaze me. I think that is why I have this incredible love for them. They complete me by embodying those qualities I find most difficult to espouse naturally and constantly need to plow up in this fallow ground called Dawn.

    Thanks for sharing with us your welcoming of this bitty pup and how his life entering your life has brought about joyous memories and filled spaces that were vacant before.

    So beautifully written,

  5. Aww... puppy love. I love it! They are all so cute! :)

  6. I love the Canadian dogs with their warm winter fur, and then Saphira with her layers of blankets - poor South African pooch: They do all look pretty happy, how fun!

  7. that little piece of art just dripped down the page like water off of an icicle – even though poor Laska had to turn his head as I read it. He's had bad experiences with "dogz" weekly. I heart how you described it as kindergarten – and how you ended it with what you do – and Susan, I never get to read enough of the blogs that I heart – and you know I heart yours. So instead of posting 10 posts a week on my two blogs – I’m going down to eight posts per week. I’m thinking that the extra time can be used to read more – and for goodness sakes, comment every once in a while. I’m sorry I haven’t read you enough – this should help. Anyway, God bless you my friend, and Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh how lovely! They look so cuddly and soft and I love their luxurious fur. :-)

  9. This brought me joy and comfort. Those gifts we learn so early on, in puppy school, the God gifts. :) I don't want to forget those!
    God bless you and yours and all the puppies blessed to be with you.

  10. How wonderful! Beautiful, beautiful joy. Thank you for extending it in images, words. Merry Christmas.