Monday, January 2, 2012

my favourite things/ the just shall walk by faith

It was glorious
the half moon slung between the grand old cottonwood branches
pouring out her brightness
her soft healing touch
across the snowy land

The forest glowing in her warmth
the night sky
studded with the constants of
Ursa Major and Minor
Draco stretched between them
Orion... my three kings
high over our home
where a manger lay
with the One... 

we had room in our stable
but we chose our hearts
to house the One
who set the stars in their place
and knows each one by name

my heart was so full
as I walked the path
my chores done
animals content
their bellies filling on sweet hay
put aside on past summer days
when the night sky dripped into
morning brightness
with little rest
the frogs always singing
the bird chorus
before it ended

now only the grazing sounds
and my feet light on the snow
my prayers endless
and soaring to the One

O Lord you are so near
tonight my feet walked the same path
my sight dimmed by the clouds pressed low around me

I looked for that glory
that takes my breath away

my breath lay laboured within me
my feet heavy on the snow
I offered praise to the One that never changes
the prayers burdened on me
were slow to rise
the knot in my gut
told me to keep on

that really...nothing's changed
the first night I had slept with such peace
and a song was on my lips as I awoke

Delight thyself also in the Lord
and He shall give you the desires of your heart
Commit thy ways unto the Lord
Trust also in Him
and He shall bring it to pass
and He shall bring it to pass...

Last night was harder
what was it?
but I feel fine
Lord I let You carry all my burdens
Lord I have given You all my troubles
Lord I believe you are working all things out for good
Lord I am so content
Lord I trust You for our health and strength

Lord you are still the Same
Immanuel... God with us
You are still here
When I see Your glory... it is easy to believe
When the clouds hide You from my sight... You have not changed
but now I walk by faith
and that not of myself
but it is a gift from You

You lifted my heaviness this morning
though the clouds still lay low
You have given Beauty for ashes
You have given the Oil of Joy for mourning
You have given the "Garment of Praise"
for the spirit of heaviness

and I am soaring 'over' the clouds
I see Your glory still
and my eyes fill with tears
that wash away all doubt from before me
my heart is filled with the presence of the One
we celebrate each day
Dear Christ You have given all for us
You left Your throne and came to us

my heart is Your throne room now
take my life
and let it be
ever yielded
Lord to Thee...

You keep giving me a song
I thank You Lord

bless all my beloveds Lord
and all those I walk by each day
let me touch their lives for Thee
that a new song
we might sing

The just shall walk by faith
a gift from You

my favourite things


  1. "When I see Your glory,it is easy to believe" . . . how true this is, Susan! So thankful for the gift of faith.

  2. walking together by His faith Andrea...
    love you!

  3. It is a walk by faith that pleases the Lord. He asks us to love and then we'll feel love. He asks us to forgive, then we'll be forgiven. He asks us to look and then we'll see. Our obedience to His commands is the switch that turns His light on and we begin to experience what was only hoped for.

    You prayed and praised even when you did not feel like it and He came. How many times has He come in our lives? I have lost count, but there was never a time He did not show up.

    He is so worthy of our praise,

  4. Wonderful words and beautiful photos. A heart of praise and thankfulness.

  5. Amen dear friends! He is ever faithful !

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. We're practically in the same neighbour. Your photographs are stunning. Yes, let's sing a new song. Beautiful.