Saturday, January 21, 2012

my favourite things/cast shadows God's brightness

the cold has lifted
as thick soft wetness
covers the mounds of winter hardness
meters packed high
melted down three times
and now this fresh falling
is perfect for tongue catching
as it drifts effortlessly
clad in ballet slippers
and tutus
each flake a dance
to God's nightsong of
quiet rest and peace over the farm

from two farms over
fields large and cattle many
phoned to say a large lone wolf
tried to gain a calf
now all such young put away safe
the large lone wolf gone away empty
I should watch my herds of wandering goats he said
all resting now in the fold
Blue and Sam dogs guarding
them fenced high
angels watching

I went out with warm water for
five horses
twenty seven goats
one duck
seven chickens
one rabbit
two dogs
all pleased with the -17C
frost melted on inside windowsills
warm wetness welcome
Christmas and Easter Cacti
ready now to throw open their bloom

my face uplifted to catch the
wet flakes
cool on my flushed face

I scratched each horse
let them lick my bare hands
shared words of friendship
and how much I love them
prayed they would keep safe from hungry wolves
who must also eat

snow falling
horse Rudy dozy
as he faces into the Northern sky
white stretched soft across his back
like an appaloosa
not the son from
the line of  Man O War
that he is

then walking home praising the One who gives all this
I saw the shadows caught up in the quiet of the night
soft waves across the snowy banks
layers of soft darkness
resting upon darker layers
set against the light from the house
cast with the quiet stillness of  forest branches
their shadows quilted upon the snow
exquisite God drawing
which fades
only to my eyes
as I shut the door
and turn out the lights

cast shadows
God's brightness

my favourite things


  1. Oh my....I am just spellbound by your writing. I hope you will consider publishing a book-maybe you already have done so? The images you conjure up are so beautiful. I WANT to see that wolf-even though I do not want him to eat your little and big fur and feather-bearers. I also really want to see the light fall on the snow, the shadows, and look inside at the warm and cozy home. This is a lovely blog. Thank you.

    1. Debra... I am glad you came by and could catch some of the beauty I saw and felt... I feel so blessed by our Heavenly Father and I simply must share it.
      One day a book would be God allows

  2. Each flake a dance to God's nightsong . . . I can see it and hear it . . . such beauty!

    1. I hear you have a fresh fall of snow down South too! I can imagine you picture snapping... and look forward to seeing them :)

  3. Dear Susan,

    Just old practical, non-artistic Dawn seeing Charles Schultz's beagle Snoopy on his hinds legs with his tongue out catching snowflakes when I read

    is perfect for tongue catching

    and I read on and on and you tucked me in at the end under the shadow quilt in the snow. If it weren't so cold out, you probably wouldn't have shut the door for it kept you from seeing the

    exquisite God drawing

    He, indeed, is the supreme artist. Thanks for bringing Him into sight for me.


    1. glad you could be a Snoopy dog with me! I loved Charles Schultz's comic strip... he helped me smile through my growing up years!
      And I promise you... it wasn't cold, however possible that is! After -35C this was lovely, and settled in the valley as we are it was only peaceful calm. I really only went in because it was near midnight and I'm supposed to sleep at least a little or my husband might come looking for me :)