Saturday, January 21, 2012

my favourite things/ Siyanda

Your time on earth is through,
and now I say to you,
Fly little angel, fly!
Use those wings that you've been given
Fly on up to God's perfect heaven.
Fly little angel, fly!
The pain you felt is now all done,
and you've gone to meet the Son.
Fly little angel, fly!
Oh, darling life, how you did shine!
You'll forever be in this heart of mine!
Fly little angel, fly!

~Elizabeth Fortner

Please pray for the dedicated caregivers of one very special little girl as they grieve her loss
check her out here:
Sometimes we just can't stop the flow
these tears that fall
and understanding
just doesn't come

flow sweet flow of tears
for each tear's kept
by the One who understands 

one day He will reveal all

but for now
weep sweet ones
until you can weep no more

remember her beauty
your dreams for her

they are all complete
in Him now
she smiles with Him

and awaits
your journey

until then
live dear ones
and the hugs you would have given her 

fit them well around another
love deep
dear ones
always there is someone

to build your dreams upon

until that day when we shall see Him
face to face
and all shall be

blessings little one
the gift is that you came to us at all

we will hold that moment



  1. May the LORD comfort those who tended to her as they scoop up other little ones that so desperately need to be loved.

    "Always there is someone to build your dreams upon"

    1. Thanks for your prayers Andrea... these wonderful volunteers take on a mama heart for each of these wee ones and the loss of any weighs so heavy on them all. The Father's love shed abroad in their hearts...

  2. Susan,

    How does your daughter do this? I know, in the strength of the Son. I don't think I know it like she does yet. Big tears here.


    1. This was Shoshanna's calling from a child and she has followed her heart. Growing up on a farm and having favourite goats and many other critters have to bid their farewells into our Father's care was a training ground in grace and in her heart to be able in turn to love each of these wee ones unto Him...
      Yes Dawn... only in the strength of the Son, because I know, that like you, her heart aches violently at the loss of even one of the least of these. That pain never really goes away and I know her tender heart... and yours.

  3. Very sad yet she now has peace and health.

    1. Jesus, our hope of Glory... yea, for these little ones too. Thanks for coming by Karen.

  4. Oh, Susan. I am grieved. This is so hard - this part of life. The part that has to see death and still live. And even harder for the ones who touched and loved the life that then saw death. Praise be to God for the greatness of our future with Him.


    1. Amen Cristal, thanks for sharing our hurt and God's great Hope.