Friday, February 17, 2012

my favourite things/the Holy of Holies

a quiet place
a peaceful place
this place where one meets God

a four AM awakening
after seeking Him through the night hours
His sweet cleansing Presence
searching the depths
making all new
and strengthened in Him

My walk out along my "alone path"
milk bucket filled with hot water
to thaw the chicken's water
to top off the goat's
big bucket
layered in a thin ice
the air quite warm for the breaking of winter
my lungs hungry for the freshness

I stopped and put my bucket down, in, again, my God gift of a skiff of snow
enough to cover the ice and make my feet sure
this old goat lady
young in heart
but pleased with the gift

I lift my countenance
in thanksgiving
and am awed
again by this God
Who delights to bless

the cloud covering

somber and thick was split by a cross
It lay dark in the grey night sky
morning not yet come

a line jagged like lightnng
joining it to the earth
Its cross beam reaching up to the heavenlies
opening a way for all to enter

Jesus still making a way
all is revealed to Him
nothing hidden

cast your cares upon Him for He careth for you
lay your burdens at the foot of the cross
enter the Holy of Holies

He awaits
in the early morning hours
through the vigil of the night
He is always there
cheering you on
that the sting of death is really over

In Him the way is open
for You to come to the Father

He makes a way
into the Holy of Holies

my favourite place


  1. I do urge you to think about making a book. Your writing and poetry together are delightful and inspiring.
    Love, Debra

  2. Beautiful, once again, Susan . . . "the sting of death is really over".

  3. I agree with the above. . .you should put a book together. I love the way you write. I would buy it! :)

  4. Dear Susan,

    I sent one of your cards to thank someone for an ear-warmer she made for me. You are so very talented in many ways and I know you give all the glory to God.

    I loved the whole post, but this I loved most of all God gift of a skiff of snow
    enough to cover the ice and make my feet sure
    this old goat lady
    young in heart
    but pleased with the gift

    If I left out the phrase "old goat lady" and this would be me at about the same time this morning (9 AM EST). Thank you Jesus for your grip when I hit a patch of ice walking with my friend, Ann.

    Hand in hand with you in the Lord, Susan,

    1. I will have to put ice skates on you for those patches of ice my friend! Holding each other up!

  5. Well done. Makes me want to move my family to your place. Looking for God isn't a chore at all, He's everywhere when we really open our eyes isn't He?

    1. Floyd... yes...may He give us eyes to always see

  6. Oh, this is beautiful . . . "He makes a way" . .. and I'm so thankful!