Monday, March 19, 2012

my favourite things / sunrays drips daffodils

I even look their way
I smell them

It begins
in a mellow fashion
waiting to be invited in
for chai tea and a chat perhaps
by the time my lungs are filled
I am drunken
as a hive of bees
on a

it is only then
that my eyes catch
their sunshiny brightness
as they sit joyously
on my window sill 
golden sunrays
of the afternoon
pulling their daffodil heads around
to witness its setting through
the sparkling forest
alive with glistening
drips of melting snow
crowns of glory
before their

Even if these don't praise me
Jesus had said of the crowds
as they lay palm branches down
before Him

this King of glory
riding on a donkey

even as
He entered Jerusalem
This Only Begotten of the Father
This Balm of Gilead
This Rose of Sharon
This Lily of the Valley
This Royal Lion of the Tribe of Judah
choosing instead to become
The Lamb of God

doing the will of His Father

Even then...
He said

If these people do not praise Me
these rocks and hills
would rise up
to give Me glory

how. could. we. ever. miss.
who He really is
If all around us
the created gives Him honour
how have we not always known Him
or always believed Him

for even one moment

how could we have ever doubted Him

all He has done goes before Him

the testimony of those who really saw Him

A thief who recognized Him at the last Hour
and said
remember me when you come into Your Kingdom

the Centurian who watched Jesus die
and said
This was the Son of God

raised from the dead

Jairus' daughter healed

water made into wine

five thousand fed

and. always. the. overflowing.

Snow drips off my tin roof
the overflowing of melted snow
music on each dormer
each drip sparkles
as they pass me by
but I see them
my golden daffodils
see them
as they fall down
to waken this sleeping earth
all this created
shining for Him
and I notice all this
and realize how blessed I am...

to see His glory
to smell His glory
to hear His glory

I long to see Him face to face
and touch His glory
I want to put my hand in His
and tell Him... the scars were not in vain
I want to touch His pierced side
and tell Him how grateful I am
that it was He who bore all this pain
and sorrow because I could not have endured
I want to tell Him I am sorry
it had to be this way

This Bread of Life
broken for me
This cup
poured out for me

and so I eat
and I do drink
a Love so strong
that It gave up Its Glory in Heaven
to be a Ransome
for the broken
and lost
the imprisoned
the vile
and corrupt


His treasure

in need of Him
to become

In heaven the roads are paved in gold

I know it is His brightenss
leading the sinner home

It is His brightness
coming for his bride

so much here
reminds me of His coming

I want to be ready
I. want. to. see. Him.


my favourite things


  1. I love "seeing" through your eyes and "listening" to your grateful heart! Your beautiful words bring glory to Him!

  2. Dear Susan,

    Aren't the daffodils just the cutest, sitting there with their heads tilted as if listening for or to something? They almost look like they are eager to get outside, hoping it won't be long. Your poetry takes me to your snow melting, sun shining, glory shouting farm. I can smell the chai.


    1. I am eager for a real cup of tea with you Dawn... Hoping you are well my friend.