Saturday, March 17, 2012

my favourite things/the snow falls softly

the snow falls softly
and I am mesmerized
on my ladder
high up
one fist tight the other stretched
reaching into the tall vastness
flakes falling
curving outward from the warmth of the barn
its currents setting it to dancing
my fingers open

keen to catch the softness
to feel it melt and become warmth
no distinction
from my flesh
both alive
melded together
as one

Danielle is on my heart
and lifted like this dance
the currents of God's love
bringing such beauty
all that love falling
our prayers reaching
fingers open
to catch a portion
of that falling grace
drifting and filling
the empty portions
of our reaching souls
our prayers prostrate
before our Maker
as He fills
our emptiness
with Him

this perfect love falling
this soft snow falling

my fears cast out
love holds no room
for fear

the snow falls softly
it is enough
each flake
a prayer

my favourite things


  1. Stunningly beautiful imagery, Susan. "To catch a portion of that falling grace . . . each flake a prayer".

  2. "love holds no room for fear"! Amen. That is a beautiful prose Susan and I'm glad you enjoyed my St Patrick article.

  3. Dear Susan,

    "Each flake a prayer carried by God's grace." I think of the movie "Bruce Almighty" with all the prayers symbolized by post-it notes. This imagery is mush more beautiful and if I were able to send a prayer as fast as snow falls, I could be so much more efficient, but efficiency is not what He is interested in. He is interested in my heart.

    Saying some heart-felt prayers today and so thankful His grace falls like snow!

  4. You paint the most beautiful word pictures! This one of His grace is just so perfect. Just as each snowflake is unique, so are our needs - and grace falls softly and individually into each of our lives.

  5. You paint pictures with words...♥