Thursday, May 30, 2013

my favourite things/ storms

it was outrageous
how the sky fell
nothing could hold on to the leaves

not even tent caterpillars

a curtain of wetness
cast furioiusly across the farm
the sound deafening
a half hour strong
leaving puddles
and new rivlets
and a cleansing
in its wake

then the calm

a lovely thing
to see the fluorescent greens
the leaves dancing and joyous again
and somehow the thought of them
from the

this set my heart to dancing

I had taken photos today
before the storm
in case all the leaves vanished by tomorrow
and things might became as a barren winter
once more

but now the storm
has come

and left the leaves

the birds were still singing
My heart was singing
with them

my favourite things


  1. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog.

  2. The storm became a friend, bring help and not harm. Beautiful greens!

  3. I really enjoy your poetry! We are experiencing problems for the second year in a row with tent caterpillars. I haven't seen them since I was a teenager.

    1. we have them now for the second year and before that I hadn't seen them for 23 years!!! And that was my first time ever. What an amazing plague~ takes me back to the Bible stories of Egypt :)

  4. I love storms so much too!! We had a doozy today and I'm shiveringly cold tonight. :-) Can't wait for a hot cuppa and my pjs. :-)

    1. ooo a hot cuppa and pjs.... I am just out to milk and then that is a great idea~

  5. I just came from Ann's where she had a guest post about a terrible storm and now, here, in Willow Creek, the same. All this after a week of tornadoes in the States. Could the Lord be sending a particular message? A friend sent me an e-mail about a perfect storm in her life and the doctor I worked with in clinic on Wednesday talked to me about a perfect storm in the hospital where he works. I am listening to all, Susan, but yours, as always, is so full of hope. It was good being here just before I have to go to work. Blessings on you this day.


    1. I ache for the many who have not had the 'perfect storm'. There is so much I don't understand in such travesty but I do know that even in this heartache that so many suffer, though they may die from these mortal bodies, I do know that God's will is to deliver and to redeem and to bring into His Kingdom. Death is only the passing to eternal life. We see the skeletons~ but God gives the gift of a beautiful resurrection. Jesus, our hope of glory.
      ~though my trees leaves be devoured in seven weeks they will have found revival.
      such mercy
      such grace