Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my favourite things/ this little person

his photo
sits on my desktop

something deep within me understands
what every grandmother knows

he is perfect
just as is
and loved
completely cherished
and somehow
this smile never really leaves my face

when I need some encouragement
I just sit and look again
and this heart swells up full
and nothing else quite matters

he is perfect
just as is

and this grandmother's love
will only grow more fond
as she watches
breadth of days added
and smiles scattered
and giggles filling the hours
and discoverings
and fun
some tears
and all that love wrapped up
in mama papa hugs
and somewhere
a special spot

for a gramma
who will always love
this little person

just as is

my favourite things


  1. "just as is"
    what every gramma knows
    unconditional love
    On earth, perhaps, gramma love is the closest a human ever comes to agape
    Love given to you, you: "just as is"
    Beautifully written in itty bit talk. I can hear my gramma speaking into me.
    Priceless piece to have her here with me in this prose. Thank you, Susan

    1. God sends us these little miracles so we can understand just how His love is~
      It seems to me my grandma used to have a sort of sweet permanent smile too :)

  2. What this grandma knows . . . just the very thought of them swells the heart with joy and the eyes brighten and the smile widens. And all their little differences fit them each so perfectly. Love them all so dearly, just as they are.

    Sweet reminder today, Susan . . . hope you get to scoop him up in your arms real soon.

    1. I knew you sweet ladies would understand :) each grandbaby precious... just as is

  3. I don't know that joy -yet- but I'm praying it will happen one day. I love my daughter in law so much, and I know my son and she will be wonderful parents.
    As always, your writing sends me right to heaven.

    1. Debra, I am so glad your son has found a life partner~ love is such a wonderful thing~ it takes us to the moon and back with every indescribable joy. I will be blessed to hear of sweet bambinos come your way one day :)

  4. nothing in the world compares to grama love, the joy of seeing flesh of our flesh discover the world with fresh eyes and fresh hearts.
    Janet H.