Tuesday, November 12, 2013

my favourite things/ Autumn colours scattered

the Autumn colours
lay scattered all around

a dusting of snow gives covering
to its once brilliance

I lay mulling over this
Cat Ole stretched out
across me
warm and caught up in this season of rest
garden put away
tools in the shed
food in the cellar
sawmill under shelter
home fires burning

it is a black and white world out there again
except for the earthy subtleties one must search for
the lichens and mosses
and softly muted branches growing
close to the ground
a few rosehips
for the
sojourning grouse
through the
coming winter

but there emblazoned
bright in the window
shines all the stained glass

the morning light fixating it
bold and glorious
against this
and white

they have always hung there in the window

now that the summer glory around them has faded
I see their glory

I am praying for life today

we are a window 

we see out at the world
the world looks in

there is the Spring and Summer glory
and the Autumn brilliance
and as Autumn slips into Winter
our life begins to fade
God is the stained glass that becomes emblazoned

we sing Amazing grace
we remember hope
we have faith in the unseen future
of life beyond these muted fadings of life
of a glory that outshines
all others

Love comes to us all
and takes us Home

in its season

when He is ready

Our life will be taken up with His
and shine in all its brilliance
because at that moment
we will see Him as He is
and we will become like Him
a stained glass
emblazoned pure
with His enduring Love
and grace shining
brilliant and beautiful
against our old
and fading

When He has tried us
we shall come forth as Gold

our rest will be complete
Cat Ole stretched out across me
Autumn colours scattered

my favourite things


  1. We rarely enter into the black and white world here, more like the gray and muddy. Tis truly a season of reflection though, of letting go and looking beyond the earthly realms . . . "brilliant and beautiful against our old and fading life."

  2. You really are ahead of me in the snow. We have had just a dusting. Rather like a frozen dew than a real snow. The leaves are still brilliant and some days we can go without a coat. I am so enjoying the transition to winter. It's like a slow-motion movie unfolding before me. I like the shutting up of the house and snuggling down with the pups and husband. It makes up for putting the bike in the shed till spring and taking the screen off the back door where the dogs could go in and out of the house themselves. I am wearing clothes I haven't seen for 6 months...oh, so fun, to wear boots instead of sandals.

    1. I know what you mean, Dawn, about this snuggling down ...
      I am also ready and yet loving all these warm Chinooks that keep coming our way and allow some more outside work... off to trim some raspeberrry plants :)
      love you, dear friend!

  3. "earthy subtleties" - I love that, Susan. :-) Even though we've been in a drought, not a snow storm, I have had to look for beauties too, hidden down among the parched grasses and dust-coated leaves.

    1. amazing how the beauty is always there... always there :) glad you love sharing these treasures with us Rambling Tart :)

  4. What a gorgeous stained glass window decoration, beautiful design.

    1. my husband and I took a winter off and made stain glass windows in Mexico together some 35 years ago :) They brighten up our window views through the long snowy winters.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Susan!

    The white has crept in on this side, and you have painted such a beautiful picture!!

    I'm not very fond of hunting for meaning in the cold and freezing, but I'm learning!

    Blessings much

    1. glad you could visit again Ann~ to keep warm we just keep the home fires burning~ it is the only sense we can find in the cold and freezing... coming in to warm soups and hot baths and a nice cuppa something hot.