Friday, November 8, 2013

my favourite things/ sighs wrapped with ribbons

I miss these days
young ones sprawled everywhere
laughter spilling over
hugs a plenty

there will be four
little ones
and with Bethany's...


God knows what my sighs say
and He gives patience
and holds this love
wanting to spill out
holds it
makes it ready
takes my antsiness
and squiggles
and helps me wait

I am  not very good at this waiting
I see too plainly
the fun we can have

even this keeps me smiling
as I wait

Wyatt will be seeing his first Christmas tree soon
seeing all the joy
knowing all the love
little St Nicky will be spending his second Christmas
where love is
it will be wrapped in each heart
around their tree

I want to be there
to see all the ribbons
and hearts opened
and love pouring out

Beth said
if you make the gingerbread cookies now
and send them
they will be yummy and stale by Christmas

love in a box

I want to see the ribbons pulled
and smiles leaking out

God knows my sighs
and holds these happy tears
these waiting and longing tears
these missing you tears

He holds them all

When the Love box is opened
the tears come out all smiles
and laughter

wrapped with ribbons

my favourite things


  1. I hear ya!! It is hard to be a long distance Grandma. Longing for the wee ones, just makes us love them more and appreciate them even more when we get to hold them again. Giving all the love, kisses and hugs that only us Grandmas can give them. Soon you will have them living across the yard from you. I am envious.

  2. Waiting and missing out on such happy things is SO hard. XO I've been grieving such losses myself and send you a big hug from Australia. XO

    1. hug happily received Krista :) days are just so much better shared!

  3. It appears we are not alone :) in our loneliness for the grands. Distance is hard between us. I am looking forward to a Christmas vacation visit (the kids coming here). The comfort from God is precious, is it not, though it does not negate the tears, it is precious. Joyce

    1. wonderful this love that quickens our hearts~ glad you will have Christmas with the grands~