Saturday, June 7, 2014

my favourite things/ our littlest man

you were loved long before

you were yearned for long before

you were imagined
years ago
decades ago
a half a century and maybe more before

I remember playing barbies
at six
with Carolee
on her stairs
in her room

always it was real
and we had children
and grandkids
and it was all about what we would name them
and how we would live

and now
here you are

precious one

loved upon long before
you came to us

Each time
my photo of the day arrives
my heart does this little leap

you see
precious one
I saw you in my heart of hearts
long ago
and your mom
and your dad
and brothers and sisters
and me

loving you
as always I have
and always I will

It has nothing to do
with what you do
It has everything to do
with just you

our littlest man

my favourite things

Psalm 139


  1. Such a sweet little mister . . . and in my heart of hearts I always felt my son would have his own little mister and now he does. Love that you get a photo of the day!

    1. such a joyous gift these little ones... glad for your own little mister <3

  2. He is so gorgeous and cuddly. I'm so glad you have such a luv in your life. :-)

    1. My dear Rambling Tart... you never quite know when these precious gifts will become part of your life; the surprise is how very satisfying and full they can make one's smile never seems to leave

  3. So glad I stopped by, Susan. What a blessing! So glad you get to enjoy him.

    1. The two boys, dad and son just got brush cuts so this hot summer feeling is gone by the wayside...
      Hope your summer is wonderful