Tuesday, June 3, 2014

my favourite things/ they still live beneath the step

they still live
beneath the step
and as I venture out
for my midnight watch
they remember me
and come out of hiding
old mamas

tonight one so little it could have hidden
away with ten others
on my smallest nail
the rain so fresh and light
it tagged along
to hear the retelling
of tales of old

of little girls and boys
and wagon rides
and always the tucking away after
where they all belonged
beneath the step

Sam and Blue
joined the parade
the two deer stay hidden beneath the poplars
knowing I saw them too
their hearts were in
they had already paraded by us for a week now
satisfied with the peace
and rest this land
affords to
all who come
to play
in the
midnight hour

rain drizzling fresh
on the planted garden
new life breaking forth from little dead seeds
a mystery unveiled
with patient waiting

thoughts of African loves
building all the memories they can
while dreaming and hoping
with the coming future

a little family over the mountains
discovering puddles
and spring blossoms
a little black and white cat
and Spring birds
a dog's friendship
and new birthings of beauty
of life all around
gardens planted with good seed
a happy waiting
for the harvest

a son building
like a carpenter's Son
from many years ago

hearts all content
learning of a certain goodness
that always floods the earth
no matter what sits before
the goodness
covers still

the midnight hour
is the game we play
of remembering
and thanking
a little dance with the frogs
a few dog hugs and scratches
a few who who's
with the night birds
a smile lifted
to my God
a deep breath
one with His
a sigh
so free
to be

they come from beneath the step
for this game we play

my favourite things


  1. Would love to come and play in the midnight hour with you on that peaceful, welcoming land you and Eduardo call home.

    1. my dear Andrea friend~ I keep you close to heart in my midnight jaunts... always smiling. I still see you joyous on the piano each Sunday setting our hearts a dancing, or busy with our little ones in sunday School~ so long ago yet the picture of it all still so clear... so glad for your new grandson... I have so many joyous thoughts on my evening walks...so much to thank God for.

  2. I remember so well, our under the step buddies - so amazing they are still there. And to think one day my little ones may be able to play with them as well. . .

    1. That thought gives me so much joy my dear Shoshi. How much fun will that be!

  3. Shoshanna, tonight your Nicholas found a big one under YOUR step; we played then moved him to the grass for safer keeping~ it was so sweet to see Nicholas' joy. He was also astounded to see the stars tonight and the moon
    My joy is full