Sunday, September 22, 2013

my favourite things/ this is the house that Love built

I go and sit and just gaze
around me all is light and the smell of fresh wood
all sawn and buffed
raised high
and mighty

like this garden

I walk by and gaze at all the growth
and remember how it started
dark earth
a son excited to plant

and hail storms that cast some seed away

though the beginning was just dark soil and seed
it was the vision of what it would be
that helped us press on

like this land
a small hill and a hollow
and a son's vision of a home
and amazing perseverance against all storms

trust me
he would say

He peeled deep
cut down trees
dead pine
made timbers

raised them up
fit them together

worked long
through the summer
with family
and friends
all putting in helpful hands

willing hearts
putting together
a home
for a mama
and little kidlets
coming from a distant land
one day

all the pieces fit together

that's what love does
the harvest was ripe
our wonderful guests ate well all summer
on the fruits of the garden
and goat's milk and cheese
and hard work
swims in the Willow

At summer's end
a roof was on
our friends went back to their home
our son headed off to university

The rain is falling lightly

a roof is on
what seemed an impossibity to one
was seen plainly by others

Unless the Lord build the house
ye labour in vain that build

Bare ground with a vision
brings a harvest

This is the house
that Love built

my favourite things


  1. A hill and a hollow, a young man with a vision . . . trust me. Simplicity of verse paired with perfect pictures paint an epic love story. Just delighted to visit and wait with great anticipation for the day that house is occupied with a certain joyful mother and her children.

    1. I see them so plainly running and giggling ~ playing with goaties and ponies and running joyously to Gramma's house
      and Shoshi all smiles~ and happy hearted

  2. No words to add. You said it all so can feel your heart in this piece. It blesses.

    1. Wouldn't it be fun if you came and walked our trails with us~ we could pick chantarelles~

  3. Sigh....what a wonderful post. Your words and photos seamed together sharing the hope, love and faith which have created amazing things. The garden and the home warm my heart to gaze at them. I had no idea sunflowers had smaller flowers along their stalks either.

    1. we always keep sunflowers to reseed again the next year~ I love how they bloom from every part imaginable~ it is the first thing I know I 'must ' plant each year just for all the beautious joy they bring!

  4. Replies
    1. I so enjoyed to visit your beautiful blog! love your grateful heart!

  5. I commented earlier, but I think I did something wrong...I'm used to wordpress.

    This post was full of timely encouragement. I am glad I read it.


  6. A beautiful post, with hope and love and wonderful photos...

  7. What a love, born of His love! What faith! What a summer and continuing story of His glory! Thank you so so very much for sharing your favorite things with us, blessing us!
    love and prayers!

    1. love you Deb~ it was such a wonderful summer indeed

  8. Susan, What a beautiful post! Just lovely, words pictures family all. Joyce

    1. Joyce it is so much fun to share the joy... so glad you came~