Wednesday, October 9, 2013

my favourite things/ birthdays again and again

I never tire
of this again and again
one year added to another
another cake
that makes 27
more candles
makes me smile to see them covered in chocolate flavoured whipping cream
a baby this year to celebrate with them
my Bethany so blessed
to bless her man

last year
we celebrated together
across the Rockies
past the Prairies

this year
his parents have them together
all wrapped in love
and smiles
baby Wyatt
I can see his eyes sparkle
and his enduring smile
And mama Beth quiet and content
and Stephen bursting
for all the love

such joy this thing of having family
my heart swells
to see how God
puts the pieces of our lives together
and wraps and intwines each  memory
with threads and moments of pure joy
just enough hope and faith to endure the storms
and enough grace to prove
that nothing can separate us
from this Love of God

His gift to us

I know you will celebrate well
this new year of life
dear son

I love calling you son

you are like a strong tree
planted by the waters

He makes you a shelter for
Beth and Wyatt

and He shelters you all~
in His Love

Happy Birthday
again and again

we love you

(some of the Autumn here on your birthday time)

My favourite things ~


  1. Sweet birthday message and stunning photos of Papa's artwork.

  2. Stunningly beautiful images to go with your oh-so-precious celebrations. :-) XO

    1. I can imagine you picking up beautiful rocks with me~