Friday, September 20, 2013

my favourite things/ this being grateful, this being joyous, this feeling happy, this fullness

How can I not

this being grateful

I have marvelous children
hearts so loving
kindness spilling over like harvest seeds
a home being built and knit together with love overflowing
a heart finding kidlets that were just meant to be found
a man to stand with me and watch God build all this joy

the moon has been filling up these past days
and it too is spilling over this beautious joy
that lifts
and heals
and pulls one on
towards the Light
and hope
and believing
for all He is


He is always enough

my sigh is satisfied
it slides out long and soft
and floats on the morning mist

this happy spills out
and even the beastlies catch it
and the barnyard sounds are content
and the air is full
and my heart is fine

this perfect peace

this fullness

my favourite things


  1. Bethany, thank you for the bountious seeds that bring this mama such joy...
    Jedaiah, thank you for the hands and heart that build such beauty...
    Shoshanna, thank you for searching out and finding those wonderful grandkiddies
    Eduardo, thank you for standing by my side and watching all God's glory be revealed.

    Father in Heaven... here is my grateful heart
    I love you

  2. Such a busy and exhilarating summer you have had. Looking forward to more editions of "My Favourite Things" that illustrate and document your precious memories.

    1. just waiting for slow down days... I guess when the snow falls :)

  3. I'm so happy for all your happinesses, Susan!! :-) Your heart sounds so full and overflowing. :-) xo

    1. kind of like your life in Australia, dear friend :)